Sunday, June 29, 2008

Attempting to knit

I attempted to knit a little bit this weekend. It didn't last long though....
It seems everytime I start something I am needed. *LOL* Infact, it's taken me all day to finish this post. :-) I'm forever making myself tea and not being able to drink it, everytime...without fail baby cries.

Awe, life with babies. You forget what it's like when you have a pretty self-sufficient 4 1/2 year old.
Ron was home this weekend, so on Friday we went out to Rhonda's for the afternoon for a visit and dinner then for the evening we planned to take Paisley to Niagara Falls for a fireworks display since Ron won't be home for Canada day. Rhonda watched Rowan for us and we had Paisley, Mommy & Daddy night. I think she had a really good time too! We bought her glow necklaces and bracelets at the dollar store and she was catching the attention of every kid there. It was a really nice time but fireworks are over way too quick. I was playing around with my camera settings on my point and shoot, so I have to post a few pictures of our evening. The falls are behind Paisley & Ron even though you can't actually see them. *LOL*I love the falls a night, they're always lit up and it's really pretty. I prefer to go in the evening when we do go. So that about summed up our weekend, we had a quite Sunday. We picked up a few groceries and did some laundry and then after supper we took Paisley to the park and her and Ron played with sparklers. It was nice having Daddy home, we sure do miss him a whole bunch when he's gone. :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

20 Days

Rowan is 20 days old today! It hardly seems that long. We've been busy adjusting to life having a new baby. Paisley's been helping out as much as she can with baby but she's still getting used to having a sister as well but I do think it's getting better. My only real frusteration this time around is that Rowan is very clingy. Paisley was much more content after feedings and stuff, it makes it difficult to get anything done sometimes. She cries so much more then her big sister did but oh well I guess that's the life of having babies and I have to dig out my snuggly sling. I looked for it all last week but it was no where I could see so it's a good thing Ron's home for a few days because I'm going to get him to look for it. :-) He's sleeping right now because he did baby duty last night and I got to sleep, it was really nice and I feel so refreshed today.

We had our first girls road trip to Owen Sound to see my family this past weekend, it was nice to see everyone as I only saw them briefly when I was in the hospital. It was nice have extra hands too as Ron had been gone for about a week and a half. I only had to stop once on the way up for a feeding and washroom break. Paisley wanted some timbits and a juice too.

Well, we're off to a doctors appointment and it's also the last day of school today for Paisley, they're having a pizza party. How fun, I remember those days. :-) It should be an interesting summer! *LOL*, something's telling me that I will be looking forward to Septmember getting here.........

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing Rowan

Well, as some of you alreday know I finally had the baby. Rowan Gail Johnson was born Thursday June 5th, 2008 (right on my due date, talk about a punctual little one) weighing 5lbs 3oz. Yes...a tiny little thing! She's now a week old and doing great.

She was delivered via emergency c-section because apparently she did not like oxytocin, it was dropping her heartrate but in the end everything was perfect with her, we were able to go home on Sunday. :-)

We're just getting into the swing of things in our household with having a new baby. Paisley's adjusting...she's been a bit difiant as well though. As much as she loves her new little sister, I think she's feeling a little left out sometimes so we're trying to include her in everything. On Monday, she decided to call 911 10 time consecutively. I got a nice call back from the dispatcher. OMG, I was so mad and yesterday outside she threw a big fit and started hitting me. It's a slow go, but I'm sure everything will balance out eventually.
Ofcourse I have to put the going home outfit up on here too!

So all well and I'm on the road to recovery. I will post again really soon!
And hey...I have ankles again!!
Ewee, my narsty sandal tan. LOL

So, I'll leave you with some much cuter feet instead......