Friday, December 15, 2006

It wouldn't let me post the picture in my post, so here she is!
Her new Christmas dress is from my good friend Becky and her mom Liz, so if either you are reading this, I hope you got your picture in the mail and thank you both again, she looked adorable!

Some Holiday Baking

Paisley loves baking, she would bake cookies everyday if she could. We decided to try our hand at Gingerbread men and do a little holiday baking. They turned out better then I expected though, yummy! I love Gingerbread. Paisley rolled the dough, used the cookie cutter and also decorated them with icing. Daddy whipped up his special creamy icing for us as well. We didn't really have too many problems except for daddy decorating the men in places that shouldn't be decorated...bad hubby!!! It made me laugh though, because that is so like him. Here's a picture of our mad artistic skills, I had to sensor out daddy's man though! :-)

At last her had work can be rewarded with a cookie and some relaxing!

Unfortunately, we had a little incident the next day. I went upstairs for a minute and while I was gone, I heard a loud crash. I came running down the stairs only to find that she dropped the whole plate of cookies on the floor icing side down and several of them had busted limbs, it was sad day for the men, but many were still enjoyed.

I almost have my second pair of Jaywalkers completed too, woot woot!!!
I also started working on the second broadripple sock, I need to get that finished as well. I'm trying, I'm trying but I'm running out of time, only 10 more days left.

As promised, I'm also putting up the picture of Paisley on Santa's lap(I know...holy pictures). This is a big deal because it's the first year she actually wanted to sit on his lap, last year she bawled when we put her on his lap.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Big Little Girl

On Friday December 8th, my baby turned 3 years old. She had a blast at her little party and is now completely wound up (probably until Christmas) because on sunday we went to the kids Christmas party for Ron's work and she had more fun, more presents and she got to see Santa! All things considered though, she is being a pretty good girl...just a little more hyper then usual. For her birthday, Ron and I couldn't pass up a good deal on a powerwheels (well I think it's actually little tykes) Princess Jeep, we were at Walmart and they had them on sale for $99.99 (reg 299.99). I have yet to get a picture with her on it, but stay tuned I'm going to try and get one.

My knitting has been on hold since thursday night due to all the commotion that's been going on around here. Today is my SIL's birthday, Happy Birthday Valerie!! Tomorrow my hubby's birthday(Dec.13th), Happy Birthday Ron and to Ron's cousin Sean too! Happy Brthday everyone!!

Okay..well my big girl is helping herself to milk and it's going all over the counter, I think that's my signal to jet........

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Oh needle where art thou?

One of my 2.5mm sock needles has vanished. I've looked everywhere, under the couches, in my knitting basket and around Paisley's barbie stuff she has out on the carpet. It is gone, ahhhh!!! I need to get my Christmas socks done. I'm done one of the Jaywalkers and working my way down the leg of the 2nd, however I do need that needle back, wherever went. I will keep looking and hope for the best. I have pictures, but I will post them later. I just needed to vent right now. :-) So thanks for reading!!