Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Celebration!

Today was a special day for one of my little ladies. She graduated the 2 year kindergarten. program at C.B. Stirling Elementary School here in Hamilton. Yes, Paisley will be in grade 1 in September!!! I got a few pictures of her, one before entering the gym with the graduating class and then I got a nice one of her teacher handing her the certificate. Unfortunately my camera's batteries were dying since the first picture but we did get least.

I even caught my baby girl Rowan enjoying the festivities...or she was eagerly awaiting the treats afterwards.

We also received her report card yesterday and she did excellent, so I guess she'll be getting a bigger bike at some point this summer like she asked us for. She learned how to ride 2 wheeler earlier this spring, so she's exciting about riding now.

Mommy & Daddy are so very proud of you Paisley and can't wait to see what grade 1 will bring!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby She's 1

On Friday my baby girl Rowan turned 1. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to get on the computer after having her to blog about the new baby's arrival.
We had a small party for her on Saturday, both my parents and Ron's came for the gathering. I baked her a cupcake cake the night before, I was trying to make it into the shape of a heart. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted but hey...I tried. She loved the cake, so I guess it really didn't matter in the end. In the two months since my last post, I made her a hat for the big day. I made her the birthday cake hat from Susan B. Anderson's Ittty Bitty Hats. I've been just itching to get it up here too, but I figured I'd wait for her birthday.

As well as spending time outside with the girls and going to Paisley's soccer games, I have been knitting. I'm currently working on a baby blanket for my sister, it's the ripple baby blanket from More than one way to knit a hat. Ironically, I started it the night she went into labour without even knowing it. She wasn't actually due until June 25th, so she was well over a month early. She had her little girl Halle Brianne Rose on her birthday (May 22nd) which is kind of neat and at least I' ll never forget her birthday (I'm good with remembering birthdays anyway). I also finished the sweater I was making for Rowan. I promise, I will post pictures soon. (Famous last words eh??)