Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Finished Item!

Well the heart blanket that I have been working away at since Rowan was born is finally complete. I finished it over the weekend but just finally got a change to photograph it this morning. Today I will be gifting it to my neighbour who just had a baby girl about a month after I had Rowan. I'm also well on my way to having the Top Down Raglan Baby Cardigan made for another friend of mine who just had her baby boy a few weeks ago in August. I just have the ribbing left on one sleeve, it needs buttons and have to tie in all the ends as well. I started that sweater before I had Rowan and it's taken me this long to finish it up.

In other news, Rowan is getting huge! She's now 3 months and 2 weeks old and is babbling and cooing up a storm for us. It's really quite cute! :-) Paisley also started Senior Kindergarten, this is her first full week. Last week she went only 2 days. Of course I meant to bring my camera for the big day but after I got there I realized that I left it at home...bummer!! I believe it was at the beginning of June I sent away to change my last name to be the same as my little family's here and after waiting nearly 3 months, on Friday I finally received my new birth certificate. I'm actually quite excited about it. Call me old fashioned or whatever but I feel more complete with my family now. Next on the list is changing all my stuff over like drivers license, health card and such.