Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It certainly has been a while since my last post. Needless to say, I have been busy!!
Paisley has been wanting a Wii Fit since Christmas so we finally purchased one earlier in March. I wasn't sure about it on the first day we got it, but I have become quite an addict and haven't missed a day since. I can't believe how much of a work out it is too! I love doing yoga, rhythm boxing (which you have to unlock with credits you earn for playing), I also love step aerobics and have unlocked advanced step and free step. I've been working on jogging as well! I can't believe how much fun I am having with it and have banked way more hours on it then my whole family combined. :-) It's even a really nice scale and you have to do a daily body test and weigh in everyday. I haven't really lost any weight yet(bummer, I keep fluctuating up and down), but I'm sure I have lost inches.
I have been knitting a bit too. I finished the Pinwheel sweater, and I need to rip out the edging on the shrug and redo it. I also received a new book for my birthday from Rhonda. Socks a la Carte. I've cast-on for a pair of socks and I like the book. It has really neat split pages inside where you can mix and match cuffs, bodies and toes. My only complaint about the book is the photographs. I felt they should have used a different colour of yarn to illustrate the patterns better but other then that a really cool concept. :-)

Last Wednesday we decided that we had enough of our Kraft Dinner Orange walls and painted them a really nice beige colour called Pecan Sandie. It looks so fresh and clean! I'm really liking it. We also rearranged the living room and Rowan has lots of crawling space. After years of searching we also found a blind for our little side window we have by the back door. Love LOVE love it!!!!!!

Speaking of Kraft Dinner, Rowan decided that she wanted it for lunch today with Paisley. My little baby's growing up. :( Although, she was too adorable while eating it.

I think that is about it. I'm just anxiously awaiting the nicer weather, we've got to get out and practise soccer with Paisley as it will be her first year playing. It's going to be fun going to games every week. I also can't wait to get some new pictures for my bare walls, I'm working on that next as well as touching up my baseboards. I'm thinking we're due for some family type stuff up on the walls....

Wow, what a ramble, but that has been my life lately!!! I've really gotta get knitting for my new niece due in June, eeeak.