Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just Not Right!

After humming and hawing about what yarn I would go with for the broadripple socks, I decided to go with some yarn in my stash. It's just some budget red heart baby yarn, variegated pink, green, peach and white. The colours are really nice, but after I knit up the cuff it just isn't right. Although I love the colours, it seems to take away from the really cool pattern of the sock. I have no complaints about the pattern, it's very easy to follow and I think it will be a quick knit once I find the perfect yarn. I guess I will have to make a trip to Julie's store for some advice. If any of you fellow bloggers have a suggestion, or have knit this sock, please let me know. The pattern is using Cascade Yarns Fixation, but I would like to use an alternative.

I wish I could have a picture to attach with this post, but my memory card reader is freezing my computer up for some reason. Hopefully we'll have this problem fixed up soon! :-)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Knitty Rocks!

I just had to post again, because I am very excited! I think I just found my small knitting project for my flight. Check it out, it's a really funky sock pattern from knitty and it's done on 3.25mm needles. Now I just have to figure out the yarn and colours I want to use and I'm set. :-)

The Hoodie!

My mom finally sent me the pictures she took of Lucas in the hoodie I made. :-)
He wouldn't co-operate with the hood on, but oh well, it still looks cute on him.

In the
meantime, I'm plugging away at my sweater and I'm trying to come up with a small project to take on the flight with me when I head out to Winnipeg on Oct. 13th. Maybe socks, maybe something else, Christmas is quickly approaching so maybe a gift for someone. I really not sure yet. Any ideas from you fellow knit bloggers, have you seen any great small project patterns out there??

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weekend Pictures

Here are some pictures from our weekend up in Owen Sound. We took Paisley & Lucas down to the bay for some fun. Aren't they wonderful little models?? I'm still waiting for my mom to send me the picture of Lucas in the new hoodie I made for him, I'm hoping by next post. :-)

Play equimpment fun...

followed by some sand castle building!
And last but not least, the book Paisley got out of the Library to read with Gramma!

Yes...that sheep is knitting!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rain, Rain and more Rain

It's been raining steady here since about 3pm. I've tried doing about everything, including knitting but I thought it was time to change up things by posting on my blog.

Today was well spent though, with 2 hours of play at the library. Paisley actually picked out a book to borrow to read with her gramma.
I've also never seen a child play with play-doh for so long, she sat in her chair and played with it for about 2 hours after we came home from the library. She pooped herself out good though because she crashed at 7pm.

This past weekend we went up to Owen Sound for my nephew's 2nd birthday, the hoodie was well loved by all who saw. My apologies as we had a busy week last week I never got a chance to photograph my finished project. I'm going to get my mom to take a picture of him in it really soon so you all can see how cute he looks in it. I haven't even seen him in it yet, so I'm excited too.
It was a fun time, the boy is spoiled rotten. My sister went crazy on presents for him. I'll try and get some pictures soon because geeezz, what's a blog without picture??? :-)

Rain is predicted for most of the week, so I should have lots of opportunity to get back to my 4-ways sweater, which I picked up again tonight. Still working on the sleeve, raglan cap shaping's taking forever!! Good thing I like the look of raglan.

Well...that's it for me! Hope everyone's getting lots accomplished out there.
Joyeux Tricotage !!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Killer progress!!

I'm kickin' ass on the little hoodie for my nephew. I'm already working on the hood. As promised, provided that blogger isn't being dumb here are some pictures. :-)

True Canadian kids. The boy is obessed with all things hockey, it's actually pretty cute. His first word was actually hockey and I believe the next word was zamboni. This picture as well as all the rest of 'em were taken in July on our trip to Owen Sound for a week.

Awwe, see how much they adore each other! It's nice that they get along so well, and I'm sure they'll always be close.

And last but not least why not show a picture of my crazy sister and brother, they were being silly in this picture, *LOL* but it's totally them and I love it.

Okay, I'm out to watch some Rockstar:Supernova now. Take care all!

Monday, September 4, 2006

A Birthday Present

In a week and two days, my little nephew Lucas will turn 2 years old. Wow, how times flies, it seems like not so long ago I was in the hospital with my sister when she had him. When we were up visiting in July he's getting so big and starting to talk really well and just turning into a true little boy! Paisley and him just love each other so much and sometimes I wish they lived closer so they could be the best of pals. :-)
This weekend we all went out to Rhonda's and I decided (yes..that's right, decided) not to take my knitting along with me. So Rhonda had to set me up with something new to knit and I thought why not knit something for my nephew since we will be going up there in less then 2 weeks for his birthday party. I chose another pattern out of Special Knits by Debbie Bliss and this time going with a little hoodie. Rhonda even found some appropriate blue yarn in her stash that I could use for it. I've completed the back so far and I'm working on the front right now and 1/2 way done it, so it won't take too long at all. Blogger's being a bit of a pain right now, so tomorrow I will try and get pictures of it on here.
As for my 4-ways sweater, it's still going. I'm at the raglan cap shaping for my first sleeve, I'm going to really try but I'm not sure if I'm going to make my finishing time that I have set for myself (1st week of October) but I'm really going to push for it.