Sunday, February 25, 2007

As of Friday morning the Broadripple socks that I did on the Cherry Tree Hill yarn that Rhonda gave me are finally done! I got my lovely Mom to model them for me since I have a hard time taking a nice shot of my socks on my feet. I also finally got a chance to photograph the socks that I made Paisley with the same yarn. I just cast on 44 sts and did a K2P2 to rib for the kiddie socks. The only way I could get that my dear daughter to model the socks for me on Friday was to keep her tights on and also model with her Grandma.

Awwe..look at my hardworking ladies below:

I had a busy weekend beginning on Friday. My parents came from Owen Sound for an overnight visit. My brother had a hockey playoff game against Niagara-on-the-Lake in Virgil, ON and they needed a place to stay and since we live fairly close to Niagara we welcomed them. :-) We all went on Friday night to see the game and it was a victorious win for the Owen Sound Jr. Attack(midget team). Unfortunately because my brother's a goaltender, it wasn't his night in net so we didn't get to see him play, but it was an excellent game and now they get to enter the semi-finals and I got to try out my new socks at the arena too and they kept my toes toasty. They all left on Saturday morning before I had to go to work and boy did I ever have a busy day in the photo lab, it just seemed like everyone in Hamilton wanted to get their pictures done but it was well rewarded afterwards because Ron and I had an evening to ourselves! My MIL Rhonda took Paisley for one of their "Saturday Night Specials". On the spur of the moments we decided to use our theatre coupons that we got in boxes of Lipton tea and went to the movies and it cost us a whole $1.90, can't beat that! We went to see Night At the Museum. It was a fun movie, a little unrealistic, but very cute, I recommend it for a great family movie!! On the way home, we stopped for some Swiss Chalet take-out and headed for home for a night of knitting/online game playing. Yep, *LOL* that's what we do, our computer's in the living room so he plays his World of Warcraft and I do my knitting and we talk. I started playing around with the sweater I want to knit, but haven't quite started it yet. I will post progress pictures one I actually get started!

Oh, I forgot to mention that on Friday night while my mom and I watched a movie I managed to knit a barbie dress for Paisley. It wasn't from a pattern or anything, I just started knitting and knitting and knitting and came up with this:
I had fun knitting it because I had no idea how it was going to turn out or if it was even going to work out, but it fit. I even glitter glued a little heart on the dress as an added touch.

Well..that's about it for my weekend. It's always over so fast! I hope everyone else had a good one. Tomorrow Paisley has her very first visit to the dentist. I am so excited and very curious to see how it goes. I (unlike many) love going to the dentist, I love have my teeth poked and prodded at and love that feeling of have my teeth cleaned. It always feels so awesome afterwards! I am hoping she takes after me and enjoys dentist visits.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A New Pattern = A Fresh Start ?

As you may or may not have noticed, my progress bar for my 4-ways cardi hasn't moved for months. This is because I am no longer feeling the love for this project. I really do want to complete an entire sweater for myself but I got really bored with the pattern. :-(

I am excited to say that I have been inspired once again to knit a sweater for me!! I fell in love with a pattern the other day as I was flipping through a magazine. It happens to be a free pattern courtesy of Berroco called Tierra. They are using berroco softwist, which is coincidentally the same yarn used for the 4-ways cardi. I'm not sure if any of you will remember but, for my birthday last year, Rhonda bought me all the yarn to do the cardi, but in Paton's Decor. I was stoked to find out that I could probably use the yarn for this pattern as well so I started to do a gauge, I completed it on the 5mm needles used in the pattern and it didn't work out, so I casted on for a 2nd gauge on 4.5mm, completed it and it still didn't measure up. Hummm, the whole time I was thinking, could this be why my 4-ways cardi was way off from the measurements that the back and the arms were supposed to be? It was also done on 5mm needles. I quickly emailed Rhonda for some advice and she replied back to me telling me not to drop down any lower then a 4mm needle. So again, I got out the 4mm and started another gauge (20 sts=4mm 28 Rows=4mm), finished it in a flash and lucky for me this time it was bang on. Friggin' eh!!! :-) So, I will be attempting this project really, really soon....I'm mega excited about it. I even did a swatch of the 18 st cable pattern!

On to some more exciting knitting news for me!! My hubby took me over to Ikea on Monday and bought me some storage for my out of control knitting. I had knitting stored in 4 different boxes and 5 different bags around the house and he was tired of always running into it. Today I finally got to organizing it all. I HATE organizing, but it was actually kind of fun seeing everything I had. We only had one incident, my little helper Paisley spilled a margarine container of beads all over the entire spare room. Arrrggg, *LOL* it's hard to find good help these days.

I bet your wondering what else I've been up to......

Well, I completed another scarf for my friend at work (pictured gold). I can't wait to see Nabila again, so she can try it on, I picked gold (odd colour) because I thought it would go good with her complexion, it will be interesting to see if I was right. The other scarf is one of the first of the 7 scarves I made and it was for myself (blue).
(Don't mind my self-modelling, I was bumming around the house)

Wow, all that I have on the needles right now is the last Cherry Tree Hill sock, I'm onto the heel flap right now and should be done it soon. I think I'm done with scarves for this year, but more sock are in order! I've got to cast on for Becky's socks soon too, she's still waiting...what a patient woman.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad blogger!

It's been quite a while since my last post, eeek! So much has been going on for me lately, but I guess that shouldn't excuse for my lack of blogging these days. I'll blame it partly on my dh and his silly online game World of Warcraft (he's a computer hog).

A few weeks ago, my hubby got permanently laid off from his job of nearly 5 years. On a whim after our weekend to Owen Sound (see last post), we decided that we would like a change and decided that we were going to move to Owen Sound (that is where my family is from and where Ron's always wanted to live). It is a nice city and we made several trips back there since that weekend to try and find a place to live. The first time we went back we got caught in that huge snow storm and got snow-stayed there for 3 days, it even took us 7 hours to get there when it only should have been a 2.5 hour drive. We couldn't really get out to do much house hunting either but we did call some places. We finally got a few calls a week later and we drove back up on Monday morning again only to get stood up by this guy that was going to show us a few places he had. Bahh, so on the way home we talked about it and we're going to take this as a sign not to move there right now, we're going to stay in least for now. :-)
So I guess we better register Miss Paisley for Jr. Kindergarten for September, she's very excited and has a friend 2 doors down that will be going with her.

With all of this going on, I still managed to knit 6 scarfs with some dollar store eyelash yarn and gave them away to people, I even made one for myself. :-) Made Paisley a pair of Cherry Tree socks to match mine and I'm working the way down the cuff of my second sock (which, lol should be done by now but I got sidetracked by scarves). I will get some pictures of all of this asap!!!! :-) I even have one more scarf left to make but I'm going to make sure my sock is done first because they'd be sure nice to wear in these frigid temperatures we are having in Southern Ontario.

Hope every one's staying warm and cozy out there if you're having this cold weather that we're having here, if so..perhaps we will see alot of blogging and new knits! :-)