Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Waiting & Keeping Busy!

I'm still here all preggo. Just been knitting to pass the time. Besides, I've been told I have to relax because my blood pressure's been a bit higher then why not knit? I've been working on the Baby Yoda Sweater (a free Ravelry download) and another little cardi from a Sirdar book that Rhonda has, I'm just not quite sure what the pattern is called. On the Baby Yoda Sweater, I haven't woven in my ends yet, I'm undecided as to whether or not I'm going to rip out my sewing especially in the sleeves, I'm just not loving the sewing job I did. Other then that I thought it came out pretty cute. :-) I've also finished the back of the other little cardi. I love the argyle lacy pattern.

Earlier in the week when Ron was home, he and Paisley had "Daddy-Daughter Day" and built a fairy house together. I thought I would share because it is so cute and he's just too damn crafty for his own good, *LOL* He told Paisley that the fairies would come at night time and there is a possibility that they may leave her something from time to time. It hasn't happened yet though. They're also protecting the watermelon plants that they planted in the garden beside it.

That's about all that is new for now. We are ready for baby, I'm just hoping she holds off until Wednesday or Thursday when Ron is home. I really need him, eeak! I'm actually getting a little nervous. Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's not supposed to be overly nice here in Hamilton...but hopefully it won't rain the whole weekend. :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Fat Feet!

Well, It's May 22nd. I'm 38 weeks today and still hanging in there. I'm feet are totally swollen and I'm just ready to get this baby out!! Any day now, please. :-) Ignore my narsty flip flop tan, LOL

The wedding came and went this past weekend and I made it through. Valerie got a picture of me all preggo and in action, it's too funny. It was a really nice wedding and my girls (my sister and Paisley) looked so beautiful. It was nice to see my family as well. My parents, brother and his girlfriend came back to my house to stay with me Sunday night, we took Paisley to the fireworks but it turned out they were cancelled due to high winds. It was nice to have the company anyway and we ended up having a movie night.

Last night I also finished the second heart blanket, which is going to be a shower gift for a friend. It turned out great, I just need to wash and block it a bit. I also finished the Jaywalker ankle socks a few weeks ago but have yet to post about them. I love them but they bother my feet right now with them being so puffy and all. :-)

Happy 25th Birthday to my sister as well, her wish was for me to have the baby today but it looks like it's not happening. Te he. :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Ready!

As of today, there is officially only 5 more weeks until Rowan Gail Johnson is expected into the world. I've been eagerly waiting to reveal the name on my blog and couldn't wait any longer. We've had the name picked out for months but I never spilled the beans on my blog. We wanted something different and nice like our Paisley May Johnson and it just stuck, believe it or not it was actually the first name I picked out of a baby name book I purchased from work and Ron and I both immediately like it. Hopefully the ultrasound techs were right when they said it was a girl, *LOL*.
I had a visit on Friday with my family doctor (who if all goes well will be delivering the baby) and then a visit with my OB on Monday and baby is head down and engaged and man I've been feeling it, I've been so achy down there. I've been spending some time yesterday packing my hospital bag and tonight I've been packing the baby bag. I'm doing up some baby laundry right now and it's kind of exciting because it's all clothes that have been given to me so when I bring them up to fold it will be a surprise. I don't have a dresser quite yet, so I'll put everything into the crib that Ron set up 2 weeks ago for me. Paisley's officially switched rooms as well, I can't remember if I mention it in a previous post or anything but we gave her a princess pink room (colour is called Cherry Blossom) and baby will be getting her old room which is canary yellow with bugs painted on the wall. She needed a big girl room and something a little less babyish.
:-) She absolutely loves her new room as well and I found Disney Princess wall stickers at the dollar store, so we just need a few more sheets to finish the room off.

Onto knitting...

I'm nearly finished my Jaywalker ankle socks and I've started a baby sweater for a baby shower that I've been invited to in June. I'm doing the Raglan Baby Sweater again and unfortunately it's coming out alot bigger then I expected so I may not be finishing it. I'm using knit picks shine DK, and it's super soft so it's kind of a bummer but perhaps I need to find different yarn, I'm undecided as for what to do just yet. I still really love that pattern though. I also want to do another heart blanket. My friend is having a boy, so it'll be some shade of blue, I just haven't decided on the yarn that I want to use for it yet. Come to think of it, she is my sister's really good friend and the one that is getting married on the 17th of this month and I'm taking the wedding pictures for her. It should be interesting since I will be 37 weeks preggo at the wedding. Good thing my sister-in-law Valerie is helping me out of the kindness of her heart (and I mean really thank goodness!!!)

So as you can see I've been keeping quite busy these days. We also just came back from a weekend up in Owen Sound visiting my family. Ron finally got to come with us and he was glad too because he hasn't seen my family since boxing day. It was a nice weekend and Ron had his new laptop to play with and his world of warcraft so he wasn't entirely bored when my sister, mom and I were doing stuff. My brother and him did some things too, so I think over all it was a good weekend for everyone. He even enticed my brother to purchase the same laptop this week. Ron's back on the road until next Thursday, but I can't wait for him to come home. There's some comfort and knowing he's around when I'm so close to having a baby, kind of scary. I sure hope he's home though because babies come when babies come, eaaak!!

*edit* Here is one garbage full of clothes that I have went through, there's still one more to go! Wow!!