Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finishing things up!

Last night I finished up the Heart Blanket. It looks great and the size is perfect for the stroller/car seat, I blocked it all out and it measures 24 1/2 " x 29 1/2". I absolutely love it! :-)

I also finished the Easy Baby Cardigan for my friend at work. We're meeting up sometime on Tuesday so that I can give it to her.

Now I've started a pair of Jaywalkers and I'm making ankle socks instead since the weathers been so wonderful. I was going to use the Lorna's Laces I got for my birthday but I think I'll save that for when I do a full size pair of socks. I'm using Opal Cotton that I had in my stash. I've never made ankle socks before, so I put the sock up to my ankle as I was knitting it and ended up doing a 2" leg before starting the heel. It seems like it's going to be okay, but we'll see.

I've been keeping busy! Paisley and I have been spending alot of time outside with it being so nice out lately. She just wants to be with her friends, digging in the dirt, riding her bike or jeep...anything outside, she's such an outdoors kid. I've noticed it makes her pooped out at night, so it's worth it letting her run a muck.

Well, that's about it for me for tonight, need sleep......

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunny Days!

Since I've messed up my blanket and need to tink back a few rows, I thought that I would take a break from it for a night. I got into the "Itty-bitty Hats" book again last evening and knit up the Upside Down Daisy Hat. Man is it ever cute! I also got to try out a new technique...sewing on an applique and it didn't turn out too bad (for my first try). I used some Lily Sugar Babies cotton that I had sitting in my stash that Rhonda gave me a long time ago. I thought it may be too heavy but apparently I was wrong and it looks just fine. :-)

I Can't wait to try this on a baby!!!

This beautiful weather's been great, I hope everyone that's having it right now is enjoying. It's so nice to not have to wear layers out. Have a great weekend. :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday I picked up my stroller and car set set. It's a Graco and literally in MINT condition. I bought it off our store manager for $100 and it's only been used for maybe a month. There was a little dust on it and tires a bit dirty but that's it, it's freaking perfect! What a sweet deal. It came complete with the base for the car and everything. I still have Paisley's "old" stroller and car seat but it's seen better days (got a lot of lovin') and car seat did not have a base and the sun visor also went missing somewhere.
I remember when I got my stroller for Paisley it was an exciting moment and ofcourse it is again. I'm getting stoked now! 55ish days left until the due date, wow!

I was knitting away on my blanket last night and realized that I made a mistake a few rows past, so I tore out 3 rows. I screwed up the seed stitch border and it was ribbed instead...fug!! Got it all fixed and then was looking at my
blanket again and several rows down I had done it again, but in the pattern rows. I can't bear to leave it either, it just bothers me so much. I guess I'll take it out to Rhonda's place on the weekend along with the Easy Baby Cardigan I need help fixing. For right now, all my knitting is on hold so I casted on for another pair of Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties to go with the Cardigan for a friend at work who just had her baby Feb. 29th. One bootee down and one to go, but I thinking I'm going through blanket withdrawl. *LOL*
For the Easy Baby Cardigan I'm using Wendy Peter Pan DK, it's such a nice yarn for the price, very enjoyable! I've used it before, but the more I knit with it the more I like it. 55% Nylon and 45% Acrylic blend! It has a nice feel to it and it's got alot of give, I'm not worried about the sweater not fitting her little guy, that's for sure!

Well, I guess it's back to my house cleaning. I only have 45 more minutes of quite time until I have to go get Paisley at school. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, it's supposed to be very wet here in Southern Ontario but I'll try and make the best out of it. :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Knittin' Hearts!

I finally started the heart blanket that I've been wanting to knit for baby. There's only one problem now...I can't stop knitting it!! I guess that's a good thing though, it's going to be done nice and quick. The original pattern was six blocks wide, but I wanted a slightly smaller blanket for going over the car seat, so Rhonda cut the pattern down for me and it will be 4 blocks wide instead and I'll probably do 5 blocks up. I'm really happy with it so far and I'm loving the pattern. Rhonda was so kind as to chart it out for me and I've been using the chart exclusively and haven't even looked at the actual pattern.

Pattern: Heart Blanket by Carole Prior
Needles: 4.5mm (although I could have probably went up a size)
Yarn: Pingouin Pingostar (Rhonda had this in her stash and gave me this yarn for the blanket)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Paper Bag Fun

Today Paisley & I had some fun after school with some paper bags we bought at the dollar store. A great rainy day activity. :-)
Along with the owl and the sheep Paisley also wanted to make a Giraffe
but he didn't make the photo shoot because Paisley's 2 hands were occupied.

I finished the hat for baby as well, I didn't end up restarting it either. Valerie stopped by the other day and I got her opinion on it being too big and decided that it should be fine so I finished it up last night. Don't mind the ribbon, I left it a little longer because I'm not sure how big I actually want the bow to be. Water baby is so kindly modelling it for me. The pattern I used was out of the "Itty-bitty hats" book I got for my birthday. It's called "Ribbons", except the pattern had 4 or 5 eyelet rows with ribbon. I thought that was a bit much so I chose to do only one eyelet round.
Paisley sweater is pretty much done, I just want to take a picture of her wearing it so I'll probably post that next time.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! It's supposed to be nice here in Southern Ontario. Sunny and high of 13 degrees Celsius tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that! Paisley and I are going for dinner in Fonthill at our good friends The Carr's (I've mentioned my friend Becky a few times on my blog, her parents live in Fonthill). This is a rescheduled dinner from last month that got cancelled due a huge snowstorm here. It'll be nice to see them all!

I also springed up my blog a little bit by changing the colours around, I'm liking it so far, green's good!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Really...where does the time go? (Picture Heavy)

Wow, a whole month went by and not a single post from me. Rest assured, I've been keeping busy though. March Break was spent up in Owen Sound, I got to hang out with my sister and mom while Paisley got to play with her cousin Lucas and also got practise in for when she becomes a big sister, she was holding and feeding her little cousin Reece (who just turned 3 months) all week long.
My birthday came and went on the 17th of March. Spent a quite weekend with Ron at home, which was nice. The day before my birthday, we went out to Rhonda's place and Ron made everyone dinner, shish-kabobs and rice (one of my faves) man were they ever tasty. I was also given my birthday gifts too. I got some new yummy sock yarn (Lorna's Laces) and I absolutely love the colourway. I think I may have found a pattern too! I also received "Itty-bitty Hats" by Susan B. Anderson from Rhonda and Valerie gave me 6 balls of yarn to make a blanket for baby, she recommended the pinwheel blanket as she made it a few months ago for a friend who was expecting, so I think this yarn also has a pattern to go with it. :-) Thanks again Ladies for the wonderful gifts. Ron & Paisley bought me a compact digital camera as their present I have my Canon digital SLR, but I really wanted something I could just slide in my pocket for walks to the park in the summer and also especially for at the hospital when I have baby I just didn't want to lug in my huge-ass camera for the birth-day. Shoppers had a wicked special the week before Easter on Olympus FE-220's (in blue) for $88 and couldn't pass up on that deal.
Good Friday was spent with my parents and brother, they came up for a visit and brought me a birthday cake and money card since they missed my actual birthday. I'm putting the money away for a new stroller-car set combo. Easter weekend was a strange one. Ron was working and out west and Paisley spent Sat-Sun at Rhonda's because I was working the whole weekend. Late Saturday evening I got a call from my sister wondering what I was up to and she came from Owen Sound with her kids for an unexpected visit. It was nice to see her though because I was feeling kind of lonely with Ron & Paisley not being home. She ended up staying until Tuesday afternoon so we had a really nice visit. Then Ron came home that evening (a day early) and unexpectedly and that was a nice surprise too. I miss him oodles when he's gone, so a day early was okay with me.

I have been knitting! On the weekend before my birthday, I was going through some old patterns at Rhonda's and fell in love with an old Beehive for Barins pattern, it's just a simple Crossover sweater for baby. Rhonda happened to have some Lilac coloured baby yarn that she so kindly offered to me for the project and I got started right way. It's all finished now, I just want to give it a wash and possibly iron the decorative edging on it so it lies nice and flat (damn acrylic!!) I also knit up Sartjee's Bootees with left over yarn and I was working on a hat, but it has come out too big so I think I'm going to have to frog it and restart with less stitches arrgg, and for the second time. I'm taking a break from it right now and trying to finish up Paisley's Top Down sweater. I also have a few other things on the needles like the Easy Baby Cardigan for a friend at work, but I have put it down for the moment. I've been getting side tracked very easily these days and startitis is really bad!! Don't mind the pictures of my work as they are not great shots, I was in a hurry and just wanted to get a picture of them up here.

I'm now over 30 weeks pregnant so this past weekend was my last weekend at work, I'm down to less then 10 weeks (65 days) until my due date. It's crazy how fast time flies. Now that I'm going to be home every weekend and most importantly when Ron is home, we have some major spring cleaning to start doing. Paisley wants to switch rooms and go into the room that is currently our spare/toy/knitting room and give baby her old room. I'll be moving the knitting stuff over to baby's room I think, I'll need the closet space in Paisley room. I also have boxes and boxes of girls clothes to go through and will be deciding what to keep and what to give away. It's going to be busy and I loathe organizing, it's always been my weak thing. So wish me luck!!