Friday, September 18, 2009


Just a quick post to share my neat find. I went to Michael's today with my crafty neighbour Amanda
because she was looking for Halloween ideas and outside they had all their 2010 calendars for $1.50. Any how, I couldn't resist the "Funny Farms" calendar, too cute!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I seems like forever since I've last blogged. My lack of blogginess is due to the fact that I've been preoccupied with other things these days.
My big baby started Grade 1 last Tuesday (all day). So far so good, she seems to like it. I think she had a bad day yesterday though because she said she sucked at everything, no body wanted to play with her at recess and she didn't want to go to school again. *LOL* It seems funny now, but I kind of felt a little bad for her when she was telling me it all. It's cute though.
As I have probably mentioned in previous posts, Rowan is on the move and boy does she move. She's all over place and keeps me on my feet most of the time. She's started climbing ALL of the furniture including the desk (I could not possibly blog if she were awake right now because she'd be pressing all the keys) and the kitchen table (she climbs up onto the chairs and then up on to the table from there). It's madness! I don't remember Paisley being such a monkey (although she was one, she's wasn't nearly this bad). We've been enjoying our summer (finally) with all this sunny and warm weather we've been having and spending alot of time outdoors exploring. I took some pictures of her yesterday doing just that and modelling a sundress set that Rhonda for Paisley when she was a baby. The girls are so luck to have such a talented Gramma. I kept this outfit just incase I had another little girl and I'm so glad we got to wear it again. :-)

I have been knitting. I've been working away at the no purl Monkey socks and finished one. I also picked up regular Monkeys that I started probably over a year ago. They were supposed to be a present for my good friend/crafty neighbour Amanda. Unfortunately they got put down because I didn't do my usual heel and ended up not liking them. Well since I'm on a bit of a Monkey kick now and familiar with the pattern again I ripped back to where I started the heel and re-did it and now I'm well on my way to finishing this sock too. I'm still working on the Shawl Collared Baby Sweater for my niece's Christmas gift but I have to rip out my 3 needle bind off because I mixed up the fronts. ***insert swear word here*** No, I wasn't not at all pleased about this, but I supposed I should have been paying more attention. Needless to say this is why I've picked up the socks for now as a small break from the sweater.