Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am new to this blogging craziness, so bear with me!
I was inspired to start one by my mother-in-law, who keeps track of all of her knitting masterpieces. She bit me with the knitting bug a few years ago so I'm about to do the same thing and start a blog.
As you may have noticed from my blog title, my favourite thing to knit is mittens. I'm not sure why, but they knit up quite quickly and almost always come out looking awesome.
I knit pretty much all of my christmas gifts this year and nearly everyone got a nice new pair of mitts. These thrum mittens I finally finished about a month ago. I started them for my mom last Christmas and completely lost interest in them. I'm just glad they're done now! :-)


kerri ferguson said...

These are really beautiful mittens and I am in love. I would do ANYTHING (sexual favours included) to get my hands in a pair of these babies!

Jenn said...

You're such a diry lady!
And just for the record, I'm never making another pair of these ever again.