Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One sock down and one to go!! Whoo hoo. I finally got a chance to pick up and knit tonight for the first time since Sunday and finished up the rest of the sock. I took some pictures, but you'll have to excuse my feet because I truly believe I have the ugliest feet in the world (haha, well maybe not the ugliest but still nasty).

Not much to report for non-Olympic knitting, still struggling with the slipper for Paisley. I tried some worsted weight yarn and it still came out not proportioned quite right. Perhaps it's just not meant to be. :-(

Well, I'm going to cast on to the next sock now, I'm really enjoying knitting socks and I can't wait to graduate to cute sock yarn.


Bex said...

Your doing a great job. Keep at it!!

Samantha said...

You're doing fantastic! One sock done already! Wow! Good job. :o)