Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I thought of an idea for a blanket! I've never made a blanket before so I thought I'd do squares and why not intarsia squares?? I think I'm going to knit them 8" all squares.
I took a pictures of the diagram I drew, but the colours didn't come out that hot. I want to do a lime green, purple and yellow colour scheme. I can't wait to start it!!

We got a new couch and loveseat last week, so I haven't quite worked out my knitting spot yet so I keep moving around.
My simply lovely lace sock is coming along too, I've just finished the heel and I'm now onto the guesst. I haven't got a picture to show of it yet since it's in an akward stage to be photographed. I'll get one in after I'm done the guesset. :-)

A few pictures of the Family here too! Daddy doesn't get in too many pictures, so there's everyone except him.


Samantha said...

That will be a cute blanket. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Your kitty looks like he has the devil in him. *lol*

Reasoning E'Bert said...

I like the blanket idea. Have you tried Double Knitting yet? It would make your blanket really warm. There is a video at knitting help: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/

Also, your cat is adorable.

Jenn said...

No, I haven't tried double knitting, it might be something neat to try as well! Thanks for the idea. Deuce is cute, but don't be mistaken... he is a naughty, naughty kitten. hehe