Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nothing too exciting to post, but I'm still alive! I haven't done any knitting since Saturday morning when I finished the second simple t-bar baby shoes. If time permits I really want to cast on for my second sock!
I also just joined up for
Project Spectrum this afternoon, thought I might get the creative juices flowing and it sounded like alot of fun too. I'm going to start for the month of April though for Orange/Yellow.

My trip up to
Owen Sound was fun, we stopped off in Guelph for breakfast at the Golden Griddle around 8am. It was great, always something I look forward to when we go up there. We arrived around 10:30am (ish) greeted by my Dad, the only one awake. :-)
Later in the afternoon, I went off with my sister for a little girl time. My sister is a regular at the YMCA there and knows the little old lady at the front desk quite well and got me a pass to go in with her. We went up to the gym and had some fun on the elliptical for a 1/2 hour then went down for a swim and hot tub fun. It was really relaxing and nice to spend some time with my sister because we don't see each other that much. My mom made a nice dinner followed by the traditional ice-cream birthday cake from DQ as well.
Unfortunately my brother ended up getting sick later that night so we left Saturday afternoon back to Hamilton because we didn't want to catch it and he needed his own bed to sleep in (he was nice enough to lend his room to Ron, Pailsey and I).
I will have a picture soon of the Baby kimono all finished, I left it with my mom to take to my cousin's shower on Saturday.

One more thing........
Playdough and a play rolling pin and cookie cutters from the dollarstore are the best $2 ever spent. Paisley has been playing with it for a good hour and 1/2 and is occupied! I'm finding this activity is very little mess and she's not eating it, bonus!!!!!!!!!

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