Monday, March 13, 2006

The weekend came and went and I'm all back on track with my lace sock again. I really don't have far to go before I can start the toe and I'm done the first sock. I can't wait to sew up the picot edge, they're going to look so cute!

We took Paisley to Gramma's on Saturday afternoon and we got all of Rhonda's magazine's out looking for blanket ideas and squares. Do you think we ended up find any blanket stuff? Nope! I was too distracted from all the other nice patterns I ended up finding. I now have about 6 baby sweaters that I really want to make. I've started one already just because it's all done in garter stitch and all in one piece and it will knit up quickly. It's going to be completely adorable when it's finished. We found it in Interweave Knits Summer 2005 . I don't have much of it knit up yet (3" or so) but when I get more of it done I will post a picture of it. It has a ribbon as a closure, but I was thinking maybe some toggles might be cool instead.

Now, I have something nice that I want to share with everyone....
Yesterday I was at work, and it was nearing the end of my shift. I just had a cranky customer complaining about something for about 15mins until he got his way. You know, it just knid of ruins your whole day when someone is like that! After he left and another customer was waiting for her photos, we started chatting a bit. We noticed the cute little St. Patrick's Day light up pens that we had sitting on the cash wrap. I told her how I was going to get one because my birthday is on St. Patty's Day. We talked a bit more and she ended up buying 2 pens while she waited. Then she handed me one of the pens and said "Here, one's for you, hope you have a Happy Birthday". I didn't really know what to say because it's not often that something like this happens, so I took the pen and said thank-you. Anyhoo, it just ended up making my day (well the whole 20 minutes that I had left to go). I guess I'm still thinking about it because I had to write about it! Working in customer service for as long as I have, my faith is now restored in for every bad customer there's a handful of great customers.


Samantha said...

Cute sock!

I love nice people -- what a great story, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your pen. :)

Mrs. Kovax said...

awww thats so nice! We know back at Claire's we have had our share of crabby people!