Sunday, June 25, 2006

Can you say ORANGE?

This weekend was paint weekend at our place. It was time for a fresh look and clean walls. The problem with the colour before this was that it was "flat" finish and a really nice blue colour that you could see every single crayon, pen and marker murals by our little budding artist Paisley and it was nearly impossible to wipe off. We thought this time we'd go with a different colour and also get semi-gloss so we could wipe the walls down better. After many coats of paint, this was our result: Tangerine Fizz

You'll have to excuse the lighting in my living room, it's terrible, but voila!! All props for this job go out to my lovely hubby Ron, it was not an easy task to cover up the previous paint job and since I'm a terrible painter, he did most of the work. When I say terrible, I really mean awful. So between my awful painting skills and Ron just plain hating it, we were quite the combo. It took a lot of paint to cover and a lot of time, we started yesterday at 3pm and didn't finish until about 3pm today so I think next time a little primer action will be in order. We're going to find a funky border to go around the top of the room because the edges were such a pain in the ass to cover.

With all that was going on, I still managed to go to Poultry Fest in Smithville, ON with my MIL Rhonda and daughter Paisley. It was good times and Paisley was getting really friendly with the chickens. Go to Rhonda's blog to see what she's been up to. Looks and sounds like she had another fun filled weekend at Gramma's house! What a lucky girl. If it doesn't sound busy enough for you, I also had to work between all this too.

If you can imagine the state that my living room was in this weekend, you will understand why I still haven't done any more knitting. I'm hoping for some quite time tonight so I can start up on my sweater again. Getting knitting time in these days has been really hard between Paisley time, house work and creating my website. If you would like to check out my site, feel free. It's just in the works and barely ready to be published yet and I hardly have any photos up, but any comments/ideas you have would be appreciated! I don't even have a domain name yet and I'm just using my sympatico webspace.

Well, that's about all I've been up to lately. I have to go now and feed my darling daughter some dinner. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and got lots accomplished! :-)

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