Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Out of the Loop

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to post that I'm back in blog land now. Unfortunately I don't have any knitterly content to report on as of right now. I'm done the back of my 4 ways sweater now and pretty much done Lola for Paisley but I haven't been able to pick up needles in a while.
Last week Ron took Pasiely and I to my parent's house in Owen Sound, we stayed for a week. It's way to hectic to knit there since Lucas, my sister's son pretty much lives there with them. He's almost 2 years old. My mom and I had to keep the kids occupied! My Dad bought them a cute little pool (well it's big for them), with a waterslide that they enjoyed the entire week. Paisley had a blast and it was nice to get out of the city.

Alot of photos were taken, it was good times had by all but now I'm out of the loop and I have to catch up on everyone's blogs. :-)

P.S. I have tried to to upload pictures, but blogger is being dumb again so I will have to add some later. Arg!

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