Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Christmas Madness and a Quiet New Year!

Christmas flew by like a whirlwind! Christmas Eve was spent at work (what a crazy day but there was lots of good food from our potluck) followed by Christmas out at Ron's parents house in Smithville. We did everything but "Santa" stuff on the 24th and by 7am Christmas Day, Paisley was out in the livingroom slightly disappointed that she missed Santa but excited about more gifts. We let her tear through her stocking first so we could wake up a bit and let Gramma & Grampa get up too. This was a very exciting Christmas for us because it's the first year that Paisley really understands what's going on and she was very impressed with her stocking (Yes that is Opal sock yarn in the picture to your left, I got it from my wonderful MIL and I also got some new dpns from Paisley). My only real disappoinent was our lack of snow on Christmas this year. Although I'd rather drive on snowless roads, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without a little snow on the gound. Boxing Day was spent looking for a new keyboard because our wireless decided to die on us that moring and then we were heading out to Ancaster for more Christmas at Ron's Grandma's. We also had to pick up 2 gifts on our way, one for a man and one for a woman, so we could swap gifts. A quick stop at Shoppers and Canadian Tire did the trick and we were on our way for more Christmas madness. Afther that was all said and done, we had one more day to clean up our house and find homes for the new stuff before my parents came on the 27th. We did our Christmas with them shortly after they arrived and the next day we did our big dinner and just look at our poor tree after they arrived!! I think we are in need of a larger tree next year. :-)

Onto the Christmas socks:

The Broadripple Socks (yellow) that I made were gifted to my mom and the 2nd pair of Jaywalkers (pink) I made were for my brother's girlfriend Genna. My mom wore her's the whole time they were at my place, I had to wash them for her. There's nothing more gratifying then watching something you made getting a work out, I bet my mom's even wearing them right now. Ha ha!
What a crazy week eh??? On Saturday the 30th we got my parents to babysit Paisley so I could go to my friend Becky's birthday party. It was good times and nice to get out for an evening (something we don't do very often). It was at a steakhouse in Niagara Falls called Wildfire, the food was good and so was the Carlsberg, MMmm Beer! New Years Eve I had to work 8-4pm and my parents were heading back to Owen Sound so I was up at 6am. Ron and I had planed to stay up and bring in the new year, but by 10:30 I feel asleep on the couch.
Can you blame me???? ha ha. We certainly had fun though!

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Rhonda said...

The socks look great and so does the blog!