Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Till death do us part" Lucky Stitch Markers.

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post but rest assured I have been busy!

This past weekend my DH's best friend and his fiance of 2 years got married. Ron was a groomsman and Paisley was the flower girl and I did the wedding photos so maaaannn was I ever a busy woman (as you can probably imagine). It was a beautifully fun wedding and as the wedding favours they did up cute little frames and attached hershey kisses to it with ribbon and a little heart charm. Clever me came up with a way to always remember they're special day...I made the heart charms (I had 2 of them) into stitch markers. I will always use them and hopefully it will bring them good luck in their marriage together.

Congratulations David & Alexis!!!

I have scrapped yet another sweater and started a new one from Interweave knits Fall 2007. It's the Tilted Duster.
So far it is going great and everything is measuring up. I think I'm more them 1/2 way done too. It's done on 5.5mm needles and is knitting up pretty quick, it's also done in a few pieces so it doesn't seem to be taking as long. I'm not photographing it unitl it's finished, so you will just have to wait and see. I'm very happy with it so far!!

I also found out a few days ago that my sister is having a little girl, so I'm thinking a pinwheel sweater might be a good choice. I've been looking through the knitpicks catalouge.......hummm.... :-)

Tomorrow my baby has her first day of school. Both her and I are very excited. *LOL* I will be taking pictures.
This weekend is also another very busy weekend. It's my nephew Lucas's birthday party on saturday so we will be heading up after school on Friday. It just seems like it never ends these days, there's always something going on.

Finally...Do you think I'd actually end the post without putting a picture of my little flower girl up here????


Rhonda said...

You got the music thing, YAY! I love my little flower girl too.

Alisha said...


Love the stitch markers!

Your daughter is such a beauty!