Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Crazy Sock Day!

Every month the teacher sends home a calendar for Paisley and it keeps us informed as to what's going on in the kindergarten class. Well, this month on October 19th it said it was "Crazy Sock Day". What a great day especially for moms who love to knit socks and it's Socktoberfest too. These are the socks I came up with for Paisley. It took me a little longer to knit them due to the flu that was kicking my $## all last week and most of this week as well but I finished them last night. I used some Bernat Sox yarn that Rhonda gave to me waaaay back just for making socks for Paisley and I used the Broadripple pattern that I've used many times before but I kind of made it my own. Using 3.5mm dpns I casted on 48 sts and divided over 3 needles (16 sts on each). The cuff is just done in garter using the ripple pattern. It's a very easy pattern, I think I'll write it out incase anyone is intersted in making kiddie broadripples.

Now that I'm done those socks, I've cast-on for a pair of monkey socks using my new knitpick sock yarn. Yet another very easy pattern. I've had this one lying around for almost a year and I'm kicking myself for not trying this pattern sooner. Everyone's getting a pair of monkey's for Christmas this year. :-) I will post a pick of my progress next post but I'm almost to the heel of the first sock. I'm quite enjoying the knitpicks essentials and I think they are going to be nice to wear although this pair I am working on are not for me. :(


Rhonda said...

I think every day should be "crazy sock day"!

Alisha said...

Great socks!!

Samantha said...