Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally...some knitting!!

It was pretty chilly last week in Southern Ontario and since Paisley's in school this year I thought why not knit her some warm mittens and I also needed to live up to my title "Smitten4Mittens". I created my blog nearly 2 years ago and I don't think I've made any mittens since the very first few posts. I was browsing on annypurls blog and noticed that she had recently made mittens for her son. I fell in love with the pattern that she used and had to get it! The pattern is called Target Wave Mittens from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature. It was a pretty straight forward pattern to follow and now I'm on a mission to make more. By the suggestion of Rhonda, I did the pattern on 3 1/4 mm needles for a tighter and warmer knit. I did it in the medium size and the fit turned out perfect! Paisley would like to give a pair to her cousin Lucas and her best friend Briana for Christmas this year. :-) I hope you enjoy my rather uncooperative model. If you're looking for a super quick knit, this is it! It only took my 2 days to make these babies working on them on and off.

It's also time to start another Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. My sister's due date is appraoching and fast (January 10th).


Rhonda said...

I happen to adore the model. I think gramma will have to make some to keep around the house too!

Samantha said...

I knit ONE of those mittens last year. Maybe it was the yarn I used but I wasn't keen on the pattern so I never knit the 2nd one. Your mittens look wonderful on the adorably sweet model. :)