Thursday, January 17, 2008

They say it's a Girl

Just wanted to quickly post that I had my ultrasound today and apparently we are having another little girl. :-) No boys in this gene pool I guess, oh well. Now the quest will be a name..........
They charge for the ultrasound pictures nowadays, $3 for 2 pictures. I was surprised! Ron couldn't be at the appointment with me, so I really wanted to get a picture for him to see when he's home on the weekend, plus too...isn't getting a picture a part of the whole pregnancy thing??

Update on my Christmas socks, they are done. I'm wearing 'em and they're super comfy. I have another pair of the cable twist socks on the needles as we speak for my mother.
I took Paisley out to Gramma & Grampa's tonight so that she could tell them the news that she would be having a sister and I acquired new stash, Rhonda was giving away a bunch of her acrylic and some cotton stuff, a whole green garbage bag stuffed full. Tomorrow while Paisley is at school I will be trying to fit it all into my storage drawers.

Sorry about my rather large header as well, that is a WIP and hopefully I'll resolve the size of it soon. :-)


Knitting Mama said...

Hey Jenn! Congrats on the girl! We're hoping ours is a girl! We have our little boy! :) I'd love one of each. We have our U/S on Tuesday. I'm getting VERY excited and anxious!

They charge us 10$ for 2 or 3 pictures here! You got off lucky for only 3$!! Thanks for reminding me - I have to make sure I have cash on me on Tuesday for that! I don't understand why at the hospital it isn't covered by Canadian Health Care, etc..!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Woooo SALLY SWIMPANTS it is!!!!!
Sorry you're not getting a boy, but just think about how much fun TWO girls will be.. and hey.. you've already got a load of clothes!

Samantha said...

Congrats! "Samantha" is a really cool girl name. :) Or to stick with the Angus thing you could do Agnes. ;)

Where did you go for an ultrasound? Thats dumb they charged you. I think it depends on the facility.

Alisha said...

Congrats on another little gal...I am kinda partial to girls LOL

Love those booties in your post below.

And holy moly your half way done!!!