Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday I picked up my stroller and car set set. It's a Graco and literally in MINT condition. I bought it off our store manager for $100 and it's only been used for maybe a month. There was a little dust on it and tires a bit dirty but that's it, it's freaking perfect! What a sweet deal. It came complete with the base for the car and everything. I still have Paisley's "old" stroller and car seat but it's seen better days (got a lot of lovin') and car seat did not have a base and the sun visor also went missing somewhere.
I remember when I got my stroller for Paisley it was an exciting moment and ofcourse it is again. I'm getting stoked now! 55ish days left until the due date, wow!

I was knitting away on my blanket last night and realized that I made a mistake a few rows past, so I tore out 3 rows. I screwed up the seed stitch border and it was ribbed instead...fug!! Got it all fixed and then was looking at my
blanket again and several rows down I had done it again, but in the pattern rows. I can't bear to leave it either, it just bothers me so much. I guess I'll take it out to Rhonda's place on the weekend along with the Easy Baby Cardigan I need help fixing. For right now, all my knitting is on hold so I casted on for another pair of Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties to go with the Cardigan for a friend at work who just had her baby Feb. 29th. One bootee down and one to go, but I thinking I'm going through blanket withdrawl. *LOL*
For the Easy Baby Cardigan I'm using Wendy Peter Pan DK, it's such a nice yarn for the price, very enjoyable! I've used it before, but the more I knit with it the more I like it. 55% Nylon and 45% Acrylic blend! It has a nice feel to it and it's got alot of give, I'm not worried about the sweater not fitting her little guy, that's for sure!

Well, I guess it's back to my house cleaning. I only have 45 more minutes of quite time until I have to go get Paisley at school. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, it's supposed to be very wet here in Southern Ontario but I'll try and make the best out of it. :-)


Samantha said...

Excellent deal!!

Rhonda said...

Nice stroller. Is that some purple pin striping in there? And of course we can fix the blankie.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nice booties....

I suppose I can sew your quilt.. we'll have to go fabric shopping one day... let me know when you want to go

Knit & Purl Mama said...

What a great deal on the stroller!! Myself I had to get a double stroller!