Saturday, April 5, 2008

Paper Bag Fun

Today Paisley & I had some fun after school with some paper bags we bought at the dollar store. A great rainy day activity. :-)
Along with the owl and the sheep Paisley also wanted to make a Giraffe
but he didn't make the photo shoot because Paisley's 2 hands were occupied.

I finished the hat for baby as well, I didn't end up restarting it either. Valerie stopped by the other day and I got her opinion on it being too big and decided that it should be fine so I finished it up last night. Don't mind the ribbon, I left it a little longer because I'm not sure how big I actually want the bow to be. Water baby is so kindly modelling it for me. The pattern I used was out of the "Itty-bitty hats" book I got for my birthday. It's called "Ribbons", except the pattern had 4 or 5 eyelet rows with ribbon. I thought that was a bit much so I chose to do only one eyelet round.
Paisley sweater is pretty much done, I just want to take a picture of her wearing it so I'll probably post that next time.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! It's supposed to be nice here in Southern Ontario. Sunny and high of 13 degrees Celsius tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that! Paisley and I are going for dinner in Fonthill at our good friends The Carr's (I've mentioned my friend Becky a few times on my blog, her parents live in Fonthill). This is a rescheduled dinner from last month that got cancelled due a huge snowstorm here. It'll be nice to see them all!

I also springed up my blog a little bit by changing the colours around, I'm liking it so far, green's good!


Samantha said...

The hat looks great! I was always worried about hat size too when I was knitting them. Some of the ones I knit for Ethan when I was pregnant are just fitting him now and he is almost 8 months old.

Rhonda said...

I love the new look. And the hat is so cute. Can't wait to see it on the baby!!!!!!
I like the paper bag animals. What a great idea.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

hat looks great and I love the new blog colours

Knit & Purl Mama said...

What a great idea (paper bag puppets!) I'll have to remember that for Sean.