Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Fat Feet!

Well, It's May 22nd. I'm 38 weeks today and still hanging in there. I'm feet are totally swollen and I'm just ready to get this baby out!! Any day now, please. :-) Ignore my narsty flip flop tan, LOL

The wedding came and went this past weekend and I made it through. Valerie got a picture of me all preggo and in action, it's too funny. It was a really nice wedding and my girls (my sister and Paisley) looked so beautiful. It was nice to see my family as well. My parents, brother and his girlfriend came back to my house to stay with me Sunday night, we took Paisley to the fireworks but it turned out they were cancelled due to high winds. It was nice to have the company anyway and we ended up having a movie night.

Last night I also finished the second heart blanket, which is going to be a shower gift for a friend. It turned out great, I just need to wash and block it a bit. I also finished the Jaywalker ankle socks a few weeks ago but have yet to post about them. I love them but they bother my feet right now with them being so puffy and all. :-)

Happy 25th Birthday to my sister as well, her wish was for me to have the baby today but it looks like it's not happening. Te he. :-)


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Wow, you're sooooooo close to the end! Lucky you! I'm wishing I was closer to the end. I'm 4 weeks behind you (I'm almost 34 weeks). Can't wait to hear about the birth! Do you feel like you may pop any day now? With Sean my water broke at 37w5d, so I'm hoping around then (in 4 weeks) I will have 2 sons. LOL - can you tell I'm done?

Brave you for photographing that pregnant!

Rhonda said...

Tell that baby we're ready!!!! Awesome sox!

Samantha said...

You're almost there! Any day now! I'm betting on June 1st. You look great. P is adorable.

Alisha said...

I love your foot shot!

You look so great!!