Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rowan is 1 month old

Wow! Today Rowan turned 1 month old! It's been a whirlwind month, that's for damn sure. We are all still adjusting to having a baby around the house, it's taking more time then I thought it would. Caring for two children is a challenge, but I'm sure I'll get the swing of things soon. I'm finding it hard delegating my time with them, especially with having a fussier baby. Kira, a good friend of mine that I worked with at Shoppers stopped by tonight for a visit. She's on mat leave right now as well. Her little guy Robbie is 6 months now but I guess he was also fussy baby and she said having a sling saved her life so she brought me one over because she happened to have 3 of them. I have Rowan in it as I type this post out, it's neat. I haven't been able to find my snugly yet, so this will do and is maybe a little easier to have on then the snugly anyway. It's called "the uppy guppy" and I love it so far, it's awesome. Despite her being very congested/wheezy today (we're actually going to the doctors tomorrow morning again after speaking with the on-call doctor tonight on the phone) she's out like a trout in it. Poor thing wouldn't sleep more then 10 minutes at a time all day today. Rhonda even took Paisley for a sleepover so I could have a break but I didn't even get a nap in. I sure hope this little cold passes soon, I feel so bad for my baby girl.
Well she seems settled enough now, I think it's time to get some sleep, I've lots of things to do tomorrow.
If your reading Kira...thanks a million, she seems to love it!! The onesie Rowan is wearing was a gift from Robyn at knit and purl mama, so I want to send out another thank-you to her as well, it's too cute!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

She's too cute in the Onesie I sent her! YEY!

One month already!! Where does time go? I cant believe Mack is already almost 3 months old!

Alisha said...

I can not believe it has been a month already. She is so sweet.

I remember those busy days when my older two where little. Shel was 2 1/2 when I had Porscha. I am not sure how I survived. Now I look back and miss those days (sometimes lol).

I used a sling with all the love love them!

Once school starts up again you'll have it a little easier.

Be sure to take time for yourslef when you can too! Very important.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow a month already
Hope you're feeling better