Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm all back up to par with my knitting thanks again to Rhonda, wooot woot!!! Last night when we got home from their place I got right to the 2nd sleeve of the baby sweater. Now all I have to do is the last decrease and I'm ready to start my garter. I think it's safe to say that it will be done today, thank goodness! I also am sure that I will have just enough yarn left to make the rest of the sleeve, pheeew sure cutting it close though.
My scarf's coming along too so that's great! I'm really positive on my socks I have chosen to make for the Olympics as well. Last weekend Rhonda found a beginner sock pattern for me called "Amazing Feets" and it seems to be fairly straight forward, so I'm hoping for the best. Now I'm just itching to start. :-)
I didn't have much to report this week, but I'm glad everything's wonderful again and I'm getting stuff done now.

Update!!! I saved this post as a draft and didn't publish it, but it's Monday now and I'm done the sweater! My only beef with the sweater is that it seems to have a small stain on the left side. I've washed it by hand with a samll amount of laundry soap, but it's still there. Anyone got any other suggestions?? I'm also cooking with gas on the scarff and I've started the simple t-bar baby shoes, which look so adorable! I'm already half done one of the shoes already so they won't take long. Samantha has a finished pair on flickr that you can check out. They really are adorable.
Well, this is probably my last post for the month of January, man time's flying by fast! It just doesn't seem like winter with the weather being so mild, but I can't complain because Paisley and I had fun at the park again today!

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Samantha said...

The sweater is adorable. I love the bunny buttons. Very cute! :) The t-bar shoes I made are on my picturetrail site, not flickr, but the link is right under the flickr thingy on my blog. They're adorable little shoes. :) Your scarf looks really nice. I love the colour. :)