Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm back on track!
Last night I finally got to pick my knitting back up again, I stayed up quite late trying to make a little more progress and then before I knew it, is I was making WICKED progress! I got the sleeves on their respective stitch holders and I am now working my way down the back of t
he sweater. The only thing I noticed on the pattern was that it wasn't really clear on the length of the back. Is it just up to whenever we feel that it is long enough or am I just not reading it quite right? Does anyone who has done this sweater know? It's the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. I don't imagine it's going to take me that long to finish it now, I'm so excited! Next task is to get a set of 4mm dpn because I don't have any. This pattern is extremely easy and straight forward, so if anyone is looking for a quick baby gift...this would be it! I'm very happy with it so far.

Paisley also got a beautiful new raglan hoodie that Gramma finished for her. It was so awesome that we had to do a little photo shoot to display her work and the beautiful babe behind it. Paisley loves this sweater, she's been wearing it since she got it on Saturday (minus bath & bedtime)it due for a wash anytime now. She keeps saying that Gramma made it for her and she "lubs Gramma" just too cute! My parent's stopped by Sunday afternoon and as always, my mother loved the new knit!

My Mom never got into the knitting so I think she's impressed that I've even picked up a pair of needles. I am driven by such lovely inspiration (Rhonda), she always makes the most amazing things(as you can see from above). After a year or so of watching her and all the cool things she had made I wanted to knit too so I got her to show me and I've been knitting for about 2 years now. I am so lucky to have such a great mentor/teacher and I hope that one day I'll be an "expert knitter" like her.

And I gotta go now (what a sweet way to end things), Paisley just got into the fridge and cracked 5 eggs all over the kitchen. Mannn, I want to swear violently right now. Damn terrible twos!


Rhonda said...

OH MAN!!! I can't believe that angel would do something so bad. She does look beautiful though. Check the other top down sweater pattern that we did for your sister and see what measurements are on it. I think Samantha said there were no measurements for the sleeves either.

Samantha said...

There are supposed to be 5 buttonholes ... each buttonhole is 11 ridges apart (22 rows is what I think it worked out to be for me) and the 5th buttonhole is supposed to be in the garter stitch edge at the bottom (like at the neck part). The first buttonhole at the neck is 2 rows from the beginning so I just made sure the 5th button hole was 2 rows from the last row; so it's in the third (middle) row of garter stitch on the bottom edge. I didn't have any trouble with the length in that retrospect, but the sleeves had no measurement. Mine are 15cm from armpit to cuff.

Samantha said...

PS. We got a child lock-thingy for our fridge, it has really helped. :)

Jenn said...

LOL, yeah...I have a fridge lock, it's at the highest part of the fridge the problem is that she can reach it and knows how to open it. What a baaaadd girl! :-s
Thanks for the tips on the sweater ladies, I will see what I can do with it.