Monday, January 2, 2006

Just a few more pairs of mitts I have done for Christmas 2005.
I always use the Patons Canadiana Mitt pattern for my mitts.
I'm just really comfortable with that pattern.

I'm so lucky I have such a beautiful model to display my work (when she co-operates). :-) This cute raglan hoodie was my summer project!

With all my knitting, we had to put Paisley to work! Just kidding, she just loves to help out around the house (and I have to put pictures of her in here somewhere).


Samantha said...

Paisley is adorable ... I'm sure Rhonda told you all about her visit with Lily. They had fun! :) I love your Booga bag. It's awesome. I've never felted anything, but will be soon -- I'm nervous. *lol* All your mitts look great too. :) Say hi to the Mister for me.

Jenn said...

Yup, she had fun will Wily (or something like that). :-) It's nice for her to play with someone her own age. She doesn't have many friends.

That's weird, my blog's text went all big, can't figure out why but I don't like it.

Samantha said...

Your blogs text looks fine to me. Hmmm. Blogger has some issues, but you'll get used to it. *lol* You should probably turn on word verification to help prevent comment spam (it's in your blogger dashboard under settings) because as soon as the spammers find your blog you'll be spammed with lots of junk. :) If you need help with blogging, and Rhonda doesn't know the answer, email me (you can get my addy from Rhonda) and I'll help if I can. :)

Rhonda said...

That's my beautiful baby!!