Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wow, I've just found the best pencil crayons in the world for a 2 year old!!

At work (Shoppers Drug Mart) we're having this massive Christmas sale because too much Christmas stock was ordered. Through all my sorting and searching through merchandise I came across these pencil crayons, they're called Magic Artist by Bic. (nicely decorated with Winnie the Pooh). I kind of checked them out, on the back read "Wood-free resin pencil. Ultra shock resistant lead." I thought to myself, hummm maybe they won't break like all of her other crayons in her pencil case I'll give 'em a whirl (plus I couldn't beat the price marked down to a whole whopping .99 cents). Today we tried them out and voila not a single one of the 12 crayons broke and Paisley's rough when she's colouring. They were dropped on the floor several times to boot.

I must say....I am quite impressed!

Well, I gotta go clean up a huge cereal mess on the table, she just dumped her bowl of Apple-cinnimon cheerios.

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Samantha said...

Good to know! I will be checking out those crayons the next time I'm looking for new ones for the kids.