Monday, April 17, 2006

Lilly Hat is Finished

Finally, the
Lilly Hat is finished! I actually had the hardest time getting it to not twist when I was joining up in the round so my MIL Rhonda helped me cast it on. I probably tried it about 3 times before I got her to help me out and I was getting frusterated!! I'm pretty happy with the way that it turned out and I think it looks smashing with the Ribbed Baby Jacket. I guess this is also another addition to my Project Spectrum challenge this month. I added a strap to the hat because I know what a pain in the butt a baby hat that doesn't have a strap is. I just did a simple little 2 stitch i-cord. I should be able to give it to my neighbour tomorrow, little baby Abigail will look like such a cutie in it. My model's such a scary looking dolly (in the picture anyway) :-)

I'm also half done my last Simply Lovely Lace sock and should be done that this week
. I've done a few squares for Warming Grace too, but I'm not finished yet, I would like to do up a few more since they really don't take that long to make.

I'm that much closer now to starting my sweater, maybe by the weekend.

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was fun, I went to a family reunion in
Owen Sound. It's always so nice to go up there and see everyone. The only bummer with my whole weekend was that today I had to work. I say BOO to working on holidays!!!!!

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