Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wicked Progress on B-Day Gift

I'm making wicked progress on the
Top Down Sweatshirt. I've got the sleeves on holders and I'm less then 1" away from starting the pouch.
I decided to make the size 4 instead of the 2 (it jumps from 2 to 4). I just hope it's not going to be too big but I wanted her to get the extra wear out of it. She's 8 months older then Paisley but they're about the same height and Briana's a little bigger in the shoulder and chest.
Tonight's also a big night for Jenn because 2 stitches were accidentally dropped down a few rows and I got the trusty old crochet hook out and picked them back up myself and it actually worked out. Usually I get incredibly confused when stitches are dropped and I need to seek the help of my MIL but I got the balls up to just try and do it myself tonight because I'm on a limited time to finish this.

Paisley was really enjoying her oranges this morning at breakfast. Infact, she got me making "orange smiles" with her. I then ofcourse had to run and get the camera for a photo-op. The unfortunate part of this cute moment was that after it was all done she got a hold of my knitting on the table and got the sweater all gucky with orange mess. I took a damp cloth to it but one it's all finished, I'll try and work at it a little more.

How could you be mad at a face like that though??

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