Monday, April 24, 2006

Ugly Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Due to the ugly weather we had in Southern Ontario, I feel like I got a lot accomplished knit wise. The Simply Lovely Lace Socks were christened for the first time on Saturday, they fit nice after my MIL Rhonda helped me rip out the picot edge that I sewed up to tight (I couldn't get the sock over my foot). Sewing's just not my forte! :-)
I also had almost an entire 50g ball left over of the Sirdar Snuggly DK left over from my socks that I had to make Paisley a pair to match. I just used the Basic Sock Pattern in the Top Down For Toddlers book and did a picot edge instead of the ribbing that they were using in the pattern.
Paisley got invited to a birthday party next Saturday, the little girl will be 3 years old and I thought as I was going through the Top Down For Toddlers book I'd make her a sweater. I found one that I liked called "Sweatshirt Style"(page 69 if you own the book), it's like a kangaroo sweater with out the hood and the sleeves are kind of like the 31/4 length style. It's really cute! I got a little bit of a start on it last night and after 2 previous attemps and a little frogging action I'm almost finished the increases. I think it will be another pattern to go on my "Knit it Quick Picks". The bonus is, it's a no sew-completely seamless so once it's done it's done!

So I guess, once again my sweater is on hold a little longer. My goal is to a least have it done for the fall....

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