Monday, September 4, 2006

A Birthday Present

In a week and two days, my little nephew Lucas will turn 2 years old. Wow, how times flies, it seems like not so long ago I was in the hospital with my sister when she had him. When we were up visiting in July he's getting so big and starting to talk really well and just turning into a true little boy! Paisley and him just love each other so much and sometimes I wish they lived closer so they could be the best of pals. :-)
This weekend we all went out to Rhonda's and I decided (yes..that's right, decided) not to take my knitting along with me. So Rhonda had to set me up with something new to knit and I thought why not knit something for my nephew since we will be going up there in less then 2 weeks for his birthday party. I chose another pattern out of Special Knits by Debbie Bliss and this time going with a little hoodie. Rhonda even found some appropriate blue yarn in her stash that I could use for it. I've completed the back so far and I'm working on the front right now and 1/2 way done it, so it won't take too long at all. Blogger's being a bit of a pain right now, so tomorrow I will try and get pictures of it on here.
As for my 4-ways sweater, it's still going. I'm at the raglan cap shaping for my first sleeve, I'm going to really try but I'm not sure if I'm going to make my finishing time that I have set for myself (1st week of October) but I'm really going to push for it.

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