Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just Not Right!

After humming and hawing about what yarn I would go with for the broadripple socks, I decided to go with some yarn in my stash. It's just some budget red heart baby yarn, variegated pink, green, peach and white. The colours are really nice, but after I knit up the cuff it just isn't right. Although I love the colours, it seems to take away from the really cool pattern of the sock. I have no complaints about the pattern, it's very easy to follow and I think it will be a quick knit once I find the perfect yarn. I guess I will have to make a trip to Julie's store for some advice. If any of you fellow bloggers have a suggestion, or have knit this sock, please let me know. The pattern is using Cascade Yarns Fixation, but I would like to use an alternative.

I wish I could have a picture to attach with this post, but my memory card reader is freezing my computer up for some reason. Hopefully we'll have this problem fixed up soon! :-)

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