Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Miserable Day!

We were woke up at 6:30 this morning to alot of loud banging going on outside, the lightening and rain were pretty intense too. Since then, it's been raining all day and periodically thunderstorming. It's just a yucky day out there...a nice day to blog (or knit if you can).

Broadripple Socks Progress:

Since my last post, I continued to knit the sock even though I still wasn't happy with it. On the weekend I took it out to Rhonda's and now I have decided to scrap the sock that I'm working on, drop down a needle size to 2.75mm and try a different yarn. I still want to make these sock! I love the pattern, it's really quite easy and addictive. I got all the way down to the toe shaping on the current sock. I may finish it, I may not, I haven't decided yet. Rhonda even tried to change the pattern for sock yarn, but it just wasn't working out so she let me pick out of her stash some sock yarn that she bought and set me up with a pair of 2.5mm needles and I've decided to try the Jaywalkers. It is a very simple pattern and all is going well on smaller needles and sock yarn (these are the smallest needles and finest yarn I have ever used) and it's really not that bad to knit with. I'm happy the way the colours are striping too. :-)

I have also joined socktoberfest 2006, how perfect since I'm on a sock kick right now. Everyone's getting a pair of either broadripple or jaywalkers for Christmas this year from me!

Blogger is acting weird and I can't add links or anything, I'm not even sure if it will post this for me either, but we'll see. My memory card reader is still acting up and I can't post pictures, this is killing me because I'd love to post pictures of my socks. Ahhhh

Well, that is it for now, hope everyone's keeping busy out there if you've got rain today!

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