Monday, September 18, 2006

Rain, Rain and more Rain

It's been raining steady here since about 3pm. I've tried doing about everything, including knitting but I thought it was time to change up things by posting on my blog.

Today was well spent though, with 2 hours of play at the library. Paisley actually picked out a book to borrow to read with her gramma.
I've also never seen a child play with play-doh for so long, she sat in her chair and played with it for about 2 hours after we came home from the library. She pooped herself out good though because she crashed at 7pm.

This past weekend we went up to Owen Sound for my nephew's 2nd birthday, the hoodie was well loved by all who saw. My apologies as we had a busy week last week I never got a chance to photograph my finished project. I'm going to get my mom to take a picture of him in it really soon so you all can see how cute he looks in it. I haven't even seen him in it yet, so I'm excited too.
It was a fun time, the boy is spoiled rotten. My sister went crazy on presents for him. I'll try and get some pictures soon because geeezz, what's a blog without picture??? :-)

Rain is predicted for most of the week, so I should have lots of opportunity to get back to my 4-ways sweater, which I picked up again tonight. Still working on the sleeve, raglan cap shaping's taking forever!! Good thing I like the look of raglan.

Well...that's it for me! Hope everyone's getting lots accomplished out there.
Joyeux Tricotage !!

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