Wednesday, November 8, 2006

A Big Post

Like a few other blogs that I have been reading, my Socktoberfest is extending into November! I'm currently working on my last Jaywalker, they're almost finished and I'm almost more than half done one of the Broadripple socks that I am making for a Christmas gift. After these socks are finished, I will be casting on for another pair of Jaywalkers and that will be another Christmas gift down. The only thing about my Jays that I was disappointed in was that the colours pooled half way through, hopefullyt he 2nd sock does the same!!

I know it's a little late for Halloween pictures, but I just had to post some of my little Princess. I would have posted them sooner but I had an incrediably shitty week last week, so please excuse my tardiness.:-) Paisley made out like a bandit (check out the loot) and this Halloween it just goes to show that even sheep like to have a good time.....

Just lovely, my little "princess" just ripped out every needle in my broadripple sock. Does anyone mind if I use some profanity right now?? FFFFFF%%$$&&&KKKKKK!!!!!

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