Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Socks & Meet Bruce!

Just thought I would post my nearly finished jaywalkers and I also have one of the broadripple sock almost done! This is all that has be on my needles lately and there will be more to come because I think socks are going to make great Christmas presents this year. :-)

Also, I would like for you to meet a new friend of ours, Bruce the Hamster. We got him about a week and a 1/2 ago for Paisley because she was missing her kitty Deuce who went to live at Gramma's house. We sure miss Deuce, but he is doing great at Rhonda's and seems to be much happier then he was here. The story that goes along with Bruce is that we were going to the pet store just to "look" and see how much it would cost to buy a hamster and as we were walking across the pretty much bare parking lot we see something go flying. Ron goes to pick it up and it appears to be something red...he found a $50 dollar bill. So, home we go with a hamster, a habitrail mansion and some other fun stuff for him and one happy kid. Paisley also chose his name on the way home, who would have though?? A hamster named Bruce.

(Cute too bad she closed her eyes though!) ------------------------->

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