Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Drum Roll Please....

They're done...they're finally done!! I'm wearing them on my feet right now. Presenting the finished Jaywalkers, Daaduudadaaa!! Man these socks were a pain in my ass, they would have been done ages ago if it wasn't for that daughter of mine, she pulled the sock off the needles twice on me. I have 2 more pairs to make, but if someone knows a lovely, more mindless pattern that will knit up quick (sometime before xmas) feel free to let me know. :-)

I do have Happy Feet now though, the socks are damn comfy, they look cool and these babies are mine (not being gifted to anyone). I just wanna dance all over in 'em!

Onto Christmas things (which is quickly approaching), Paisley and I went for a walk in the fog tonight (which really should have been snow) to mail all of our Christmas cards. I'm not too sure if I'm sending them out too early, but oh well I guess I'll be the first card on everyone's mantel (or where ever they put them). We have yet to decorate the house though, we're waiting until after Paisley's birthday on December 8th. It's kind of hard to believe that my baby's going to be 3 years old, she growing up too fast. She is super excited about her birthday because her cousin Lucas is coming and she doesn't get too see him very often (he's 9 months younger), so it should be a good time. December is always a crazy a month for us since everyone's birthday is right before Christmas (Paisley, Ron, Ron's sister Valerie and Grampa). It be interesting!

That's if for me, I've got to give a bath to a messy child and to bake brownies (perhaps before the bath??).

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