Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Night Away From Socks!

I thought that last night I would take the evening off of sock knitting! While I was hunting for a pattern that went MIA (and still can't find either) I came across some dollarstore yarn that someone gave me and decided to make a scarf for Paisley. The is the Cotton Candy Keyhole Scarf. I thought I would try the keyhole scarf since she loves wearing them but can't seem to keep them on (don't mind my uncooperative model, te he). The ball band didn't have a gauge or needle size so I went with 8mm needles, the yarn is really chunky.

As for the socks, I am finished on of the Broadripples, and have cast-on for the second sock but haven't made too much progress. The Jaywalkers would be finished by now but they are pretty much the same as my last post because a day later, Paisley ripped needles out of it on me. She was playing quitely on the floor and I was on the couch knitting away. She asked me to get something for her so I set my knitting down on the end table beside me. I was gone seconds and she was already on the couch and had my knitting in her hands, as soon as she saw me and I said something to her she ripped 2 of my needles out right in front of me. I was sooo pissed I didn't know what to do. Actually, I'm still really mad but it's getting better! I guess I'm going to have to get box and lock up my knitting everytime I leave it unattended!

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