Friday, January 26, 2007


When I looked up the word Cherry in the dictionary today, I particularly liked definition:

"7. Slang.
something new or unused."

I've got something new!! Last week Rhonda gave me some of her Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that she wound wound using her new yarn meter she bought herself from all her hard work. I've never used Cherry Tree yarn before, but it felt so nice and sat in my bag all week taunting while I worked on the hat. Well, it certainly got the best of me be because as soon as I was done the hat (haven't even tied my ends in yet) I just had to cast on for some silly socks. I'm using the Broadripple pattern again, but I've modified the pattern slightly so that I can use sock yarn instead of a double knitting yarn. The actual pattern calls for 56 sts and I'm using 64, so really there's only 2 extra stitches on each needle which I don't think makes too much of a difference at all. I'm making wicked progress so far because as I've mentioned before, the Broadripple pattern is addictive (and easy). The yarn did not disappoint either, it knits up wonderfully and feels nice on my feet when I tried them on. The colours are all over the place, but it doesn't seem too overwhelming for the pattern. I just can't wait until they are done and I can wear them. :-)

I'm almost done sock number one, so I guess I've popped the proverbial cherry.

When I was trying to take a picture for my blog, Paisley had to get in on the action. She named this pose her "Grandma Face" (I'm not kidding). As much as she has been rotten lately, this kid makes me laugh. Where do they come up with this stuff???

We're off to Owen Sound this weekend for a little winter fun. We're going to take Paisley & Lucas skating and quite possibly some tobogganing. It will be Paisley's first time doing both. I will definitely be posting some pictures when I'm back. It's going to be fun times, ohhh I can't wait!! :-)

One more thing before I go...
I don't think I mentioned that Paisley saw The Needle Emporium on CH Morning Live yesterday. She had to inform Ron and I that she goes to "Julie's house" with Gramma all the time and she also has too dogs. What a girl, I just thought it was so cute. :-)

Have a good weekend everyone!


Rhonda said...

That looks like one of my favorite gramma faces.

Alisha said...

Love the look of that sock. Can't wait to see them finished.

Your little gal is a cutie.

Samantha said...

Very nice! I tried and tried and tried to post a comment here, but blogger was being a pain. I think though it seems blogger has sorted things out a bit, because (knock on wood) I have had no trouble commenting on any of the blogger blogs lately. :)