Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weight and such...

First I'm going to start off with "YAAAYYY" because I haven't been able to log into blogger for days. Internet Explorer was being a pain in the arse so Ron got us Nescape to use instead of IE and ever since we got Netscape I couldn't log in. Still trying to figure out why it's just shutting down on the main blogger page. Hummm!

Not too much progess on the knitting this week, but I am on day 5 of my Healthy Eating Diet. I want to loose some weight by the summer, this winter has me feeling a little frumpy. I'm charting my progress through ticker factory (bottom of blog). I even bought myself a scale with a wal-mart gift card I got for my birthday last weekend from my DH. He laughed and said he wouldn't dare buy me a scale, but was impressed that I bought myself one. This is actually the first time ever that I feel motivated to do this. I would love to loose 40 lbs eventually.

Oooohhh, I almost forgot to mention my MIL Rhonda gave me a wonderful birthday gift. I got a set of bamboo circular needles. The really cool part about them is that the cable part is all flexible and bendable which means you don't have to straighten it out in boiling hot water. HOW cool is that??? I also got lime green Cherry Tree sock yarn with it, which I thought was such an appropriate colour for me since my birthday's on St. Patty's Day. My my SIL Valerie, I got a yarn kit in really cute colours. I will have to post a picture on here soon of my new stuff. :-) Thanks Rhonda & Valerie, loved it!!!

Well, I'm off to bed. Itl will be a long day at work tomorrow since it's 20x the points day at Shopper's Drugmart and we're having wicked, mad Saturday Only special deals. EEAkkk! :-)


Alisha said...

What Shoppers do you work at? I am close to the one on Fen---- and Ga--. I am very excited about the one that is going to be beside my daughters school. I love Shoppers and we don't have a post office close and I will assume this new one will have a post office.

Anyway how great on your weight loss quest. I have been trying to walk more...eating needs to be'll inspire me I hope!!!

Barb said...

Hi, i'm one of your stitchmarker exchange pals :)