Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Have you ever experienced failure in everything you've casted-on for?? Lately that seems to be the case for me! Arrrg.

Tierra was going along beautifully! I have the front and back finished and I think it looks fabulous, but unfortunately I've cast-on for my sleeves 3 times now and it doesn't seem to be working. I don't know what to do now because I really want to finish the sweater. I've already come so far! The sleeve just seems like it's going to be waaaay to big even on the smallest size given (unless I'm just not understanding the pattern quite right, but it seems like it's knit up from the cuff and then it decreases at the top to fit the shoulders).

Being anxious to knit SOMETHING for now, I got my sock needles out, my green birthday sock yarn that I got from Rhonda and the Embossed Leaves pattern and started to cast on for them. I don't think I even knit 3 rounds and Riiiiippp, and I did that about 3 times until I finally called it quits for the night and came over the computer to vent it all out on my blog!!!!!!!

What's a woman to do??

Unto something a little less melancholy.

I hope everyone had a great Easter/long weekend!!

On Saturday we finally painted the ceramic eggs that Ron made out of poly-fill, it was a really great family event. Ron even painted a golden egg with the year painted on it, too funny. The multi-coloured ones are Paisley's eggs.
Later that night, Ron and I enjoyed some not so child friendly television. We watched the 1/2 of seasons 3 & 4 of Viva la Bam. Quality tv if you enjoy laughing so much you may have to pee. It's not for everyone though. :-)
Paisley was so excited Sunday morning. because the Easter bunny left her a trail of chocolate eggs all the way downstairs to her basket, he also left things at Gramma's house and her Auntie Valerie's place. Come to think of it, I think she even has some stuff that he left up at her Grandma's in Owen Sound too. What a lucky girl!!

I'm almost done the my stitch markers for the exhange too, I have until sunday to get them all mailed out, so I guess I better get cracking.

P.S. I did have links on everything in here that required them, but then netscape just randomly closed on me and I lost everything except for an early draft I saved, but I'm too lazy to go and get the links for everything!!! Double fudge I guess.... :-)

Oh yeah...my new members of the family that I've been meaning to show off :

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Alisha said...

Sorry to hear the sweater is causing you grief...

The socks will be a good change of pace and then you can re-group and go back to the sweater!!!