Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Cutest Damn Baby Booties EVER!

I've made several pairs of baby booties in my day and never really liked any of 'em, some were too fiddley and some were too old fashioned. I found this free pattern while surfing the next last night and it was perfect...literally, the pattern is called Ruth's "Perfect" Baby Booties. I made these to go with the raglan baby sweater I made for my friend. I'm working on my second bootie right now and should be done it tonight. I'm in search of just a plain hat pattern now too because I think I will have enough yarn left over for one. The sweater is all finished now too and I love how it came out, my picture doesn't do the colour justice though, it's alot more blue then that it acutally looks.
I'm on a roll now, but as soon as I'm all done with the baby stuff, it's back to my socks. I need a new pair to wear!

So Samantha was asking how the baby belly was coming along. So far, so good! It's just really starting to pop out now, I will be 19 weeks on Thursday. Sometime this month I will be having the 20 week ultrasound. Hopefully they will be able to tell us the gender then because I'm anxious to know, I couldn't go through my whole pregnancy without knowing...I'm not good with surprises. Besides, I'd like to think about names before the kid is actually born. Any guesses on the gender?? I will keep you all posted. :-) Almost half over!!

****Update (January 9th): The ultrasound is next Thursday, Jan. 17th, whooohooo! I've also changed the picture of the sweater above, couldn't stand it. Booties (Paisley HAD to pose with 'em) and hat are done too, it's ready to be gifted, I wonder if she's had the baby yet. ****


Samantha said...

Half way? Already?! That was fast! LOL You look great! Be sure to let me know when you find out if you're having a baby brother or baby sister for Miss P. :)

The booties and sweater look great!

Knitting Mama said...

When's your due date? I'm 17 weeks as of yesterday, due June 16th (my birthday!) That's so exciting that you are pregnant too! Are you due in June or at the end of May?

Are you going to find out the sex at your U/S?! We're hoping to!

Rhonda said...

They are cute booties. I'm still rooting for and "Angus"!

Valerie said...

Sweater adn booties all the way.... it doesn't matter to me wha you have, but it's a boy it's totally gotta be ANGUS!!!!

Samantha said...

Funny, your ultrasound is on the 17th and Michael's vasectomy is on the 17th. LOL