Friday, January 4, 2008

Settling Down

It was a really busy and eventful month in December for us and now we are finally starting to setting down into the New Year. I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years, ours was fantastic as always and nice to be with our families. Santa as well as pretty much everyone else spoiled Paisley. She did VERY well. *LOL*
My sister also had her baby nearly a month early on December 17th, she weighed 5lbs10oz. She had to spend 10 days at the Hospital in London because baby Reece was having some respiratory problems at first and then some feeding problems but on boxing day Reece got to come home. She's as cute as a little button and I can't wait to get a little picture of her up here. As I probably mentioned before I was knitting the Seamless Yoked Baby Cardigan for her but it's going to be much to large (at least for a few months) so I think I need to cast-on for something smaller really soon, I'm just searching for the perfect pattern for her.
For Christmas I got the knitpicks collection of all the sock needles I could possible ever need, cascade sassy stripes sock yarn and some regia sock yarn from my MIL Rhonda. I think I got spoiled too. :-) I started putting the needles and sock yarn to good use by casting on for a pair of my annual Christmas socks. Last year I did jaywalkers with opal yarn that I got for Christmas. So this year I wanted to find a pattern simple enough to show off these so called "sassy stripes". I went through some old patterns and found the Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn and remembered that I really wanted to try this pattern and cast-on for it. One sock down!!

I was also thinking about Ravelry the other day and decided to check on my invite, only to find that I got my invite in October and the invite went into my junk email and I never received it. So they immediately sent me another one out and I was all set to join Ravelry. I'm just exploring it all now and getting everything all set up. Alot of time is being spent on it these days, *LOL* but I thought I should probably post on my neglected blog. :-)
Well, I think that's about it....wait...
I cast-on for another baby sweater for my friend's little guy (due really soon, possibly already or if not this weekend for sure). It's called Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater. A very quick and easy knit. I'm already to divide for my sleeves, front and back. The sleeves will be going on stitch holders ASAP. :-) I will be defiantly making this pattern again!!!

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Samantha said...

Nice sock!

How's the baby belly??