Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sweater For Paisley

Today I got an email from Rhonda telling me that the pattern she ordered for us came today. We were looking for a top down sweater pattern for children in worsted weight yarn, she found one on Cabin Fever in just a plain raglan design which is just perfect. :-) I've already cast-on for the project and started the collar but now I have to put it on hold until I get a 4.5mm- 40cm circular, my stitches are starting to slide off my dpns. Unfortunately I only have a 80cm circ in that size and it's a bummer because I'm on a roll. I think it's going to be a fast knit once I get the needle. A few weeks ago Rhonda de-stashed a bunch of yarn to Valerie and me and I ended up with 7 or 8 balls of Patons Cotton in a light pink colour, so this is what I'm using to knit Paisley's sweater with.

My mom's socks are also well on their way to being done. I'm on the heel of the second sock right now, I just ran out of yarn and have to attach a new ball on. They should be finished in no time, I'm planning on making a trip up to see them in a little less then 2 weeks so I want them off the needles by then.

The fact of how much I miss Ron really hit home last night. Around 1am Paisley woke up crying hysterically. I asked her what was wrong and she said her nose hurt and then about a minute later it started bleeding. She's had nose bleeds before, so we cleaned it all up in about 10 mins but she was still upset then she started hacking up nasty clots. This is when I started getting panicky, my heart was racing all I could think of was this isn't right, but is it normal? Should we go to the hospital? We got our gear on to go, car keys in hand and I thought hey, am I over- reacting? Maybe I should call telehealth? I tried calling my mom first because I used to get really baaaad nose bleeds when I was little but no answer, so I proceeded to call telehealth. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions as they always do when you call and she told me that what was happening to Paisley was normal and that I didn't need to worry, (pheeww...that made me feel better) but that she may have a bit of a tummy ache from swallowing blood as the nose was probably already bleeding before she woke up crying. I would have felt kind of silly going to emergency over that, so I'm glad I rationalized myself into calling. I'm a big of a spazzoid when it comes to stuff like this and Ron usually is around to calm me down but I didn't have anyone. I also had to take apart our vaporizer because it wasn't working and of course I have no tools, I don't know where half his tool stuff goes. *LOL* In the garage some where I suppose, so I think I need my own little set of screwdrivers to keep inside the house so I know where they are at all times. The nurse that I spoke with wanted me to set the vaporizer up to add some humidity to the house as the dryness is probably a big cause of the nose bleeds. I some how fixed the vaporizer with all the wrong tools and got it going up in the bedroom, I put it on again for her tonight and I'm hoping it will help because I don't want a repeat of last night. Did I mention that my mom called me back after I was off the phone with telehealth? Ofcourse she told me everything was okay and that happened to me many, many times when I was kid. Who knew? I guess I do now. :-) I sure miss Ron though, he's been gone since last Tuesday night and he probably won't be home at least until the end of the week but I'm not completely sure (I guess that's the life having a trucker for a hubby?). I know I can't wait for a hug though, I need one. :-) It's just going to take some getting used to with having him gone for so long.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The sweater looks great... I love the colour. I have my own set of tools.. it's handy because i don't always have a man around.. you can even get girly tools that are all pink and stuff! if you're freaking out.. you can always call me too... I'm not that far away.

Alisha said...

I love that sweater pattern.