Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, yet again I have caught another cold, and it's a real dosey this time and by far the worst I have gotten so far. Paisley was sick for the majority of last week and had a slight eye infection. I ofcourse get everything 10X worse then she does because I had full out pink eye by Thursday night. Before I got really sick, I brought her up to my parents place in Owen Sound, so now we are stuck here until mommy is feeling a little better. We are also snow-stayed at the moment although it is nice and sunny out here now. I'm going to make this a rather quick post as I am still not feeling 100%.
This was the scene yesterday up here in Grey-Bruce county. Very little visibility as you can see.

Not too much knitting has been accomplished these days but I did manged to get a scarf knit for a neighbour who so kindly came over to help me shovel my drive-way on Thursday before my trip up to the parents. This scarf got knit up before I started feeling to terrible Friday night at my brother's hockey game. I also got my Mom's socks done before I came up for the visit. Don't mind my crummy pix, my mom's camera sucks! :-)


Rhonda said...

Mom's socks look great! I think you'll have to make her another pair for taking such good care of you and P.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Hope you feel better soon, and be careful driving back!
I got my wedding dress and Paisley's flower girl dress so you guys will have to come by one night to check them out

Alisha said...

Great socks and scarf. Sorry you haven't been well.

We have had it through the house the last little!