Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I smell chocolate chip cookies

Since the hubby has been away, I've been finding myself in the kitchen baking tasty treats(since he usually does it). I used to bake alot when I was younger but I got away from it over the years and I forgot that I'm not bad at it either. I'm much better with the baked goods rather then cooking that's for sure, my idea of dinner (lets take tonight for example) is a spring mix salad with cucumbers, tomato, celery, carrots, bits of cheese and chicken breast. Nice and easy, I make spaghetti alot too, I'm sure my little P is getting sick of that. I do miss Ron alot for the good cooking, he's a great chef and makes excellent food. He'll be home Thursday sometime, so I may be able to score a meal or two when he's home (fingers crossed because I'm hungry, *LOL*). Okay back to the kitchen here, Paisley and I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies (our all time favourtie cookie). I found a recipe online and cut all the ingredients in half because Paisley and I DO NOT need that many cookies, infact there's too many as it is so the neighbour kids might get some tomorrow. I did that last week with the chocolate cake that I baked, I sent over half the cake for them. The idea of a sweet treat is that I just want a taste, not eat it all and besides with being pregnant and all I don't want to blow up like a blimp with all this baking. :-) It makes me feel good to give it away too and I really hope my recipients enjoy it. The cake was damn good and the cookies were also awesome as well. Mmm!

Paisley wanted to take some pictures of her and my belly tonight. Don't mind my strechy marks, *LOL* I got them after I had Paisley and now they're all popping out again. Trying to touch them out on photoshop tonight does not sound like my idea good time to me but they're still fun pictures so I'll put 'em up anyway. :-) On Thursday of this week I will be 26 weeks pregnant, it's actually crazy how fast the time goes. I've been really thinking about the 3-D ultrasound lately and would kind of like to have it done. So I told my mom about it the other day and she said she'd give me some money for it for my birthday (which is coming up next month on the 17th) if it was something that I really wanted done. There's a place that does it fairly close by, so I'm really considering it. Ofcourse I have to talk to Ron about it. I'd only be wanting the most basic package(as it is quite pricey). I don't need the"memory dvd" or anything like that and I'd be happy with just a few pictures. It's funny, because a few of the girls that I work with had it done and I said I would not be having it done and thought it kind of ruined the surprise but now that I'm further along in my pregnancy I'm changing my mind and sort of excited about it. I think it will be fun, I just hope Ron goes for it. :-)

As for knitting, I'm still plugging away on Paisley's top down sweater, I've just got the sleeves left to knit which shouldn't take long at all. I've been just slacking and dying to start baby stuff. I'll post pictures of knitting stuff soon! I also finally got to give Kira (the girl I worked with who had her baby boy at the beginning of Jan.) the raglan sweater I made for her little guy Robbie. She's supposed to email me a picture of him in it. She also LOVED Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties, I can't wait to see him in the ensemble.

Well, I suppose that's it for now. I'm feeling alot better after being sick earlier this month. The antibiotics definitely helped me and hopefully I won't be getting anymore colds this winter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Road to Recovery & A $4 find

By yesterday I still was not feeling good at all. I was also still stuck at my parent's house in Owen Sound and not feeling well enough to drive home yet so my mom sent me over to the hospital to get looked at. My sister gave me a ride so I wouldn't have to pay for parking. I checked in at triage and then nearly 2 hours later I was finally seen by a doctor (2 hour wait...not bad for the hosptial I thought??). He pretty much took one look at me to know what was up but still gave me a quick exam by checking my breathing, ears and such. I guess I have a sinus infection, so now I'm on anti-biotcs for 7 days taking 3 a day. I called my dad for a ride when I was done and he swung by wal-mart which is on the way home and I ran in to get my perscription filled (hubby's benefits have not kicked in yet, damn!!) while I was waiting the 15 minutes for filling I strolled around and came across a clearance rack of jackets. There was a nice tan jacket marked down to $4, I thought to myself this can't be right, $4?? I would totally purchase this coat for that price, heck I had $4 in loose change in my wallet. The size of the coat was even generous enough to accomodate a growing belly. I carried it in my arms and back over to get my presription and to think about whether or not I was going to purchase the coat. $17 later I paid for my script and I was walking out to the check-out ready to get my change out to buy this sweet deal and I saw the line up. It was lined up so long at all the check-outs, I would have been there for a 1/2 an hour at least. I didn't want to keep my dad waiting so I put the coat back, bummer....
I woke up pretty early this morning because sleeping is still slightly uncomfortable with my nose being so stuffy that I ran out to the dollarstore for a few items. The dollarstore just happens to be right beside wal-mart and I thought how funny it would be if this lonely $4 coat was still on the rack the next day so I decided to venture in and find out. Sure enough it was in the exact same place I had originally found it so off I went with it to the check out. As the cashier was ringing it through I was 1/2 expecting it to come up at a different price/more money then on the sale tag but sure enough it came up at the $4. I just bought myself a $4 jacket, LOL how sweet. :-)
Paisley and I also made the journey home back to Hamilton today, just in the process of relaxing, unpacking and getting the house warm. It's freaking feezing this place!! Yikes. Taking my time though because I am a bit tired. Ron will be home tomorrow around lunchtime and it's Valentine's Day, I'm excited. Paisley and I have cards for him!! I can't wait to see the hubby, he's been gone for nearly 10 days.
It's nice to be home, LOL but I miss my mommy. She took good care of P and I this week and it's weird to be home with just Paisley and I now. We'll probably go back on March Break for another visit or something.
P.S. spell checker's not working so pardon my mistakes I have made throughout this post. :-)

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, yet again I have caught another cold, and it's a real dosey this time and by far the worst I have gotten so far. Paisley was sick for the majority of last week and had a slight eye infection. I ofcourse get everything 10X worse then she does because I had full out pink eye by Thursday night. Before I got really sick, I brought her up to my parents place in Owen Sound, so now we are stuck here until mommy is feeling a little better. We are also snow-stayed at the moment although it is nice and sunny out here now. I'm going to make this a rather quick post as I am still not feeling 100%.
This was the scene yesterday up here in Grey-Bruce county. Very little visibility as you can see.

Not too much knitting has been accomplished these days but I did manged to get a scarf knit for a neighbour who so kindly came over to help me shovel my drive-way on Thursday before my trip up to the parents. This scarf got knit up before I started feeling to terrible Friday night at my brother's hockey game. I also got my Mom's socks done before I came up for the visit. Don't mind my crummy pix, my mom's camera sucks! :-)