Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Lack of Knitting!

Not too much knitting is happening in my neck of the woods lately. I just seem to be consumed with housework, Paisley and work so far this week. My shifts have picked up a little for now, so we'll see how long it lasts.

Ron also taught me how to do Sudoku on Monday, so I've been trying to do them. I did one puzzle completely on my own with no help and now I'm stuck on the second one, I've erased it and started it twice now and I still can't finish it. They can be so hard, especially since I'm not very fast at it yet and I'm not familiar with all the tricks of the trade. I can see how they can be very addictive though. I had a lot of fun doing the first one and it only took me about an hour. That could have been an hour of knitting time though.....oh oh!

Cynthia announced the winners from the Warming Grace draw and it turns out I'm a winner. Woot, woot! I rarely win anything, so this is extremely cool. It's sign to keep knitting and more good things will come out of it! I won a skein of Fleece Artist Favourite Soft Mittens. How appropriate since I'm absolutely smitten4mittens, hehe. Cynthia actually emailed me to tell me how bizarre it was that I won that particular prize.

Well, I've got to go fold some laundry (I know what you're thinking, how lucky of a girl I am to have to fold laundry on this nice beautiful day) and I have to give the house a quick tidy before I go to work tonight.

Have a super, fabulous day!

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